Drinker’s Chasers – We’re Not Making Good Things Anymore

It seems like Hollywood is increasingly unable to make anything good or original. The best they can come up with is to remake and repurpose things made by previous generations. Join us as we try to figure out why.

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  1. 2:57 – to be clear, the reason we can no longer create anything new is because we have lost faith in God, through whom all creation comes. Tolkien said it himself. The devil cannot create, he can only corrupt. Well, deny God and you're left with the devil and nothing new shall be created. There's a reason the only creators who've made any original work in the last few decades have been varieties of Christian ranging from JK Rowling to Brandon Sanderson, even to Stephenie Meyer.

  2. 9:20 It's like the old Russian joke (which even dates back to pre-Soviet times):

    One day, a serf was digging in his field, and he found a lamp. He brushed the dirt off of it, and a genie appeared!
    Serf: "Great! I get 3 wishes, yes?"

    Genie: "Haha! This is Russia…you get 1 wish."

    Serf: "Oh. Well, then…my neighbor has this cow. It is strong cow, it can pull his cart and plow his field. Cow gives him milk to drink, and neighbor clearly loves cow."

    Genie: "I see. You want a cow for your own?"

    Serf: "Nyet. Kill neighbor cow."

    Exactly that sort of 'kill neighbor cow' mentality is what Drinker's referring to there, and it's sadly common in the world.

  3. The world is full of unhappy people, who want other people to be unhappy too. Joyless creatures who have to smash everything that anyone anywhere loves or cares for This is a real-world version of the Blue Meanies' attack on Pepperland.

  4. this is a great conversation and analysis. when you have privileged writers who know next to nothing about struggling in the real world, you're not going to get sympathetic underdog characters with something to overcome. compare that state of the industry with a movie like Rocky and the story behind it.

  5. The core problem is the idea of the franchise itself. With a few exceptions the most you can hope is two perfect films. Jackson's Lord of The Rings pulled off a perfect trilogy, but even he stumbled with The Hobbit. The first two Terminator movies were excellent, and could not regain the magic after that. Alien was the same scenario, ditto Predator. Even the Star Wars Original Trilogy (non-special editions) was two great films and a really good one. Perhaps one could argue that James Bond and Mission Impossible show that long term francishes can work….but the odds finally caught OO7 and can anyone match the bloody minded focus of Tom Cruise once he's gone? Films are not hamburger restaurants maybe they just aren't meant to be replicated into infinity.

  6. Braaa is just propaganda for reducing population, like the more ppl turn gay and women hate men then u have more catladies and non breedable sexual interactions between humans…like braaa Alex Jones is right

  7. I think part of the problem is that even if a genuinely creative person with worthy ideas does present to a studio with clout, those studios don't see film media as art or entertainment anymore; it's all product, meant to fill up numbers for investors and tick fashionable boxes for activists. Creating intelligent, polished, compelling new stories is difficult, time-consuming work that carries financial risk, and it's easier for studios to make shallow, quick content with token connections to established material. There simply isn't room for good writing in their model; it slows down the relentless content conveyor belt and doesn't guarantee at least some predictable return.

  8. Writing. Writing. Writing.

    The current crop of writers all come from perfect lives, in the sense that they've never faced actual danger. War? Famine? Hell, a punch to the face? None of it. They've probably never faced an actual rejection. So when it comes time to write an actual story and characters they can only think of the one time a man gave them a mean look.

  9. I feel bad for people who can't enjoy low budget b movies. There is an entire world of entertainment that people are missing out on. Here's a list some awesome movies-
    Ninj and Ninja Shadow of a tear
    Accident Man
    Savage Dog
    Undisputed 2-4
    Blood and Bone
    The Tournament
    Grand piano
    Trick r Treat
    Behind the Mask the rise of Leslie Vernon
    V/H/S 2
    Tucker and Dale vs Evil

  10. Denis Villeneuve of Dune, is an example of someone that grew up with a story, understands it & even imagined it in his own mind while reading the books. Kathleen Kennedy and her support seem to be the exact opposite and a large part why Star Wars with Disney is hopelessly failing.

  11. I'm a bit curious what "younger" audiences think. Most of us are "old" farts who grew up with Mario being 3 colors and not "3D", so most of us know greatness because of what came before it, like older generations not having indoor plumbing or air conditioning. Younger audiences kind of get a lot of this for the first time, so do they think modern shows are good, mindless entertainment not meant to make us think? As a culture, I think we moved for many reasons, many of them too unpopular to post here.

  12. Maybe just stop watching stuff from Disney? There are still great TV series out there with good writing, pacing and convincing character arcs. You just don't happen to watch those, it seems.

  13. "Sometimes it's hard to understand when they say that pride's a sin,
    Should I go or should I stay on the outside lookin' in,"

    -Allison Krauss, somewhere in the early 2000's. We can't trace a date because we can't trace the money . . .

  14. Platoon makes an EXCELLENT point. Your writing depends on your life experiences. If you don't have any, if you live in a bubble, being overprotected, your writing will be extremely limited.

  15. I watched Captains Courageous the other night. The depth of the characters and their journey was amazing…not to mention Spencer Tracy's acting. The story was simple, yet so common to the human condition. When I compare that to MCU or the lame sci fi films since about 1999 I wonder what lab the writers came out of and what dope the actors are on.

  16. Wait? Who's that smart dude with a bookshelf and a dude as a profile picture? I really like the way he thinks and as of this video I completely agree with him. He explains exactly what the problem is. I have been for quite some time been like "Oh wow, all of a sudden everyone is a Tolkien fan. But they talk mad shit" Now I kind of understand. Not that I was in a world war or can relate in anyway I think what was missed here is that many of these people lack empathy. They cant really imagine being in that situation, life or death experience multiple times and seeing friends die around you it is something you cant compare in the modern western world, mostly. Rather, I dont think these people have any refense that come close to it. Without refense and empathy you're left with something that feels and sounds really wierd to people that do have these traits. I dont say empathy can take you all the way to that but you can at the very least understand that these are horrors I have never endured. If anything, if they had empathy, they should have over played the darkness of it all. Not have Durin being angry about "muh best friend dont visit me".

  17. This is so true, the "creatives" in 2022 seem to be comprised entirely of talent-less, tone-deaf, ham-fisted, miserably incompetent activists. In a way its a good thing, imagine if these people were actually subtle, clever and competent…


  19. As a writer myself, I understand the need to develop strong characters and a compelling story. I'm a lefty and pretty passionate about sticking up for people who are getting fucked over! However, my writing doesn't reflect my political views, my stories aren't concerned with sexuality or virtue signalling. If a group of people of mixed ethnicity are trapped in a cabin by a monster that wants to fucking eat them and they're trying to fight back, there's no social message, the only point is terror and more terror! That's it! If a story has a Mary-Sue character, fuck with the audience and kill the Mary-Sue halfway! That'll fuck 'em!!

  20. Everything is constructed via committe. The board wants a super hero film, but the board also wants it to reflect modern sensiblities. Now the board wants to ensure the women are strong. Does the villian have to be so…villianous? Can't we make them sympathetic? What about this scene…and on and on until you get a Morbius or a Thor: Love and Thunder or whatever.

  21. the reason for all this crap is very direct:

    we get the rewards we DESERVE.

    If people didnt BUY tickets and merchandise when the movie is crap, then it wouldnt ENCOURAGE more of the same

    It's OUR fault, as a people.

    Until we…meaning EVERYONE refuses to be impressed by crap and buy crap, they'll keep selling us crap.

    If you knew people would pay you enough money to buy a yacht by selling your own poop….wouldn't you poop out as much crap as possible to get more cash?

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