Driver ESCAPES After BLM Leftists MOB Beat Cop, Leftists PANIC Over Cops Being Deputized By Feds

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  1. What is pathetically sad is these DemoRATS are getting paid big salaries to do the opposite of what they were elected to do?There lack of accountability and there reasoning for tying up the local DA of prosecuting these criminals?Why is it The DemoRATS including Sleepy joe bent on marking proud boys as bad and Antifa an Idea?Videos on YouTube and other social media show the opposite that DemoRATS are claiming?Reminds me of CNN.

  2. Tim,
    You need to stop. The time for America supremacy is over. It is time for the rise of china.

    At least be glad that the rise of china will destroy the woke left.

  3. Well if you would like the deputation to expire at a certain time . I can relate to that , the perfect time would be when all the rioters oh!! sorry i mean protesters
    EXPIRE!!!!. . ??HAVE A NICE DAY ?

  4. Whenever I hear about Portland, I think of Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore:

    "The real winner is the city of Portland. Every time I come here, it gets harder and harder to leave. Must be something you're putting in the water."

    Boy, that didn't age well.

  5. Do those BLM bunches knew absolutely sure who the driver was?
    If they jumped on the cop just because he pulled over the car, then that's just a rash decision.
    Who knows, maybe the driver was a white supremacy extremist who had bombs and RPGs hidden in the car's trunk to blow up BLM chapters and Antifa camp that was exposed few weeks ago.

  6. A substantial portion of people that vote for Joe Biden have no concept of what the future holds for them. What form of socialism will we get?
    It will be the left U.S. version which will make China, USSR, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela look like amateurs.

  7. Biden said Antifa is only an idea, yet the LEO, founded by John Yarmuth, recently did a multi-page spread introducing the reader to at least two groups that make up Louisville Antifa. I had a restaurant owner in Louisville try to tell me all the looting and rioting was fake, and that the buildings that are boarded up need to take them off. We’ve had numerous businesses looted and burned just in the past few weeks. The local news even did a report on a local business owner, who came here from Jordan, had a business fire-bombed and had to protect a 2nd location by standing out front with an AR-15. The left is now trying to act like nothing is going on, it’s crazy.