Driver navigates explosions in Kharkiv, Ukraine

A driver navigates explosions in Russian attack of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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  1. This is a fake. Couple of flashbangs, firecrackers, maybe bass boosted, if that at all, given the quality of this footage in this day and age. Any proper explosive round at that range would have peppered this car with shrapnel or damage it with a blast wave. And the traffic lights turning to emergency mode (flashing amber rather than standard cycle), look like a cue.

    It's silly and sad that anyone would believe, that some explosive round intended to harm would do absolutely nothing at such a short range. Repeatedly.

    Also – don't focus on the date. It is user set, so it could be a simple error. It even might've been done on purpose for people to focus on that, rather than fake "mortar rounds", to later make them look silly, as the date can be easily explained with user error. That's how propaganda works.

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