Drones: Crimes Against the Sky


Written by Ordinary Things


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  1. As an AI, machine learning and data science student, this feels terrifying. One of my biggest fears is ending up working as a tool for injustice. Having a job that not only dissatisfies me, but that is contrary to my values, and having no way out of it.
    Thanks for the video even if it won't let me sleep at night.

  2. aint it crazy how trump and george dubya are both remembered as idiots? dubya is so much more well spoken and articulate, despite his stupidity. really feels like were living in made up land these days

  3. Ordinary things in 2019: "Onions are kind of neat, they taste like onions"

    Ordinary things in 2022: "Just a reminder, people fucking kill people and it looks just like your favorite video game"

  4. What hits me the hardest on topics like these is always how many people get such a hard on for war and seeing people be killed and how their country producing the best murder-machines makes them proud. I don't know if it's stupiditiy, psychopathy or just the complete lack of empathy, but you can't tell me the world we have and the people in it aren't scary in a dystopian way sometimes.

  5. Drones have definitely made some changes, but so did the tank when it arrived. It didn't take too long to develop counters to the tank and in Ukraine it is obvious that the tank isn't an invincible death machine anymore (never really was). The shift into drones on the battlefield is something that armies have been slow to adapt to and develop effective countermeasures against. Most of the defense systems that they have available to counter them were designed to shoot down expensive airplanes and are therefore pricy as they would still be cost effective. Won't take to long to develop more effective countermeasures against drones. It remains to be seen which will come ahead in cost effectiveness, but autonomous systems in general will be used more and more in warefare.

    Just wondering when skynet comes online…

  6. 12:02 to be fair: to countries even declare war on eachother in our times?
    Now the go all by "special military operations" "peace keeping force" "terrorist goes boom boom".
    Even Argentina and UK never formally declared war on eachother during the Falklands war!

  7. I like that people like Al Zawahiri or Jihadi John can be inexplicably dispatched out of nowhere without risking the lives of anyone else with the rq9 knife missles. The amount of terrorist duplication seems to have more to do with large numbers of extremist-associated families with dead fathers and brothers who then become radicalised. However few care about one terrorist leader who is killed every month and they are also extremely likely already implicated. I could be very wrong, cry about it.

  8. I still dont get why people are more upset about drone strikes than normal airstrikes or cruise missile strikes. Whats the big difference if my pilot sits 10km above the target and launches a guided missile or a ship that launches a fully autonomous cruise missile from a hundreds of kilometers away vs the pilot sitting hundreds or thousands of kilometers away controlling a drone and launching a guided missile.

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