Drones PLUMMET Out Of The Sky In China, The Dystopian Future Has A New Backdrop

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski and editor Chris Karr to discuss drones falling out of the sky in China

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. The Bible says no one will escape. I believe it. There is no waiting this one out. Fight now, or choose slavery or death later. Very soon freedom will be a memory, according to words written thousands of years ago.

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  3. Automated multicopters are incredibly safe. Very easy to have multiple independent flight systems and this is the worst case scenario. They all go into failsafe and land wherever they are. No crashes, no injuries, no damage.

  4. This is how we defeat the Communist Chinese. The problem is we currently have our heads so far up our own A-Holes that we are not game-planning for opportunities to neutralize our adversary.

  5. You want to see the ultimate use of weaponized drones, watch that Gerald Butler movie scene about him being secret service and a multitude of drones target armed FBI or secret service men and just explode on contact decimating them. Even a near miss kills them and even knocking out one or two don't mean squat.

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  7. We need hotter chicks on this show, miniskirts, less guys that look hickish, pls.,,,,,, I love Ti'n's SF stories lots! I made so much money with this pandemic, Yes, i'll wait for the robots to re-seed a new generation of NPC's … I'm a retard, imagine the inflation.

  8. Four-hundred years ago on the planet Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation flung their wooden shoes called 'sabot' into the machines to stop them. Hence the word 'sabotage