“Drop and Roll” – How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump

Error: On Virginia, once the 308K dump was dropped the remaining batches came in at an exact ratio of 55/45 not 50/49. The information for this video can be found at The Gateway Pundit.

Written by Gateway Pundit


  1. This doesn’t pass the smell test.
    No competent programmer would make the fraud so easy to catch.
    It is not believable that so many people would risk everything on an incompetent prgrammer.
    What DOES make sense is that they were HACKED specifically for the purpose of making the fraud obvious.
    Question is: Who did the hacking?

  2. Thank you!!! even if mainstream media will continue to deny it.
    I believe it's because the difference in vote "e.g 700k vote lead" was too much that the whole system needs to be shut down before the code that calculates the % needed to win was added. Did they believe no Pundit will catch it?

    Well this kind of explains why the media is going all out to try to push the winner and for T to concede with a number of fake news such as "he conceded" "his wife encourages him to concede" which ironically only reduce the news credibility as more and more American move away from those channels.

    Did the same abnormality occur in Venezuela's election where the system/internet was shut down for a few hours when the dictator was behind by a 200k vote (200k vote in a much smaller country is a lot) and then he somehow made a comeback when the server is back online? T___T
    Where was the American Journalism that should be investigating these matters…
    oh wait; the voting machine system used also originated from Venezuela.
    Who authorize them despite the security risk :3

  3. Wow people are really smelling each other farts here…

    Here a observation. Who is the president who denounced the method of mail on ballot, attempted to have his loyalist sabotage postal service and has a bunch of new laws inserted to make it as difficult as possible to mail in votes?

    To give a bonus hint. Also now advocating to throw out perfectly legal mail in ballots…

    Mail in ballots tend to be counted last. In which the logical conclusion is that the person tilling his sheep not to vote that way obviously won't get a high procentage of votes that way….

    Ffs Obama made a toturial how to vote with mail in ballot and I don't need to say who he endorsed.

  4. I can tell you for a FACT Trump won this and their fraud WILL be exposed!! Yes Q told us 2plus years ago this would happen! Trump expected it and do not listen to those that say otherwise! They ALL Lie!! Trump has been chosen and anointed by our Creator Christ Jesus!! Trump will also appoint 2 more judges to the supreme court during his second term!!

  5. Tides in Canada with it's office wall next to Dominion voting machine co. office. Soros, Rodham Clinton, Soreto, Pelosi, Harris, Gates, all connect to this Election counting by an outside country using Win10 of Gates, payments made to Hillary, Hillary with connection. Such a company like Dominion voting systems easily at an advantage.

  6. All political parties demand a full hand recount of all states, We The People are no cheaters, we are honest ! Everyone knows Cheaters Never Win.
    Every school in USA in Exams and In Sports teach all students the value of good sportsmanship, honesty, fairness, and true equality.
    Recount all votes, by hand, by Humans, verified as real votes, no use of software, no use of computers – just WE THE PEOPLE ! 🙂 USA !

  7. Please remember that Liberals are for killing babies even after they're born so rigging an election and voter fraud for them is just a walk in the park, if you can kill a baby, an innocent baby after it's born on a table then what can't you do?

  8. Loving the tears here Biden won get over it lol. No one even cares what you people have to say your side LOST lol. And now we will unapologetically pass our agenda and run roughshod over your side. So much so you try to start a civil war hahaha. Your side is DONE.

  9. Someone please comment please. This doesn't seem to take into account at all that some of the mail-in ballots were counted after in the in-person ballots. We were told that the in-person count would rise fast but then most likely even out a bit as the mail-in ballots were counted later.

  10. I would say within 72 hours 75% of the country will be familiar with the “Drop and Roll”. I hope the trials are televised so it never happens again n the USA. Have a great day everyone and let’s begin thinking about how we build a great country!