Princess Alexandra Hospital has been overwhelmed, with dozens of ambulances forced to line up with patients while waiting for available beds.

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  1. If the people who are dying and backing up hospitals were the unvaccinated covid patience, I’ll bet my house that that would be blasted far and wide. The fact they don’t mention what these patience are presenting with is telling. Hopefully is not due to my greatest fears for humanity. Long live the pure bloods and may God have mercy on all those who have placed their trust in Pfizer.

  2. There needs to be an inside source there. At one local hospital in the US where I'm at they said ambulances were dropping off covid patients every few minutes As a former EMT I knew that was BS unless there was an airplane crash. So I went down there a few blocks away and watched for an hour. They were actually REMOVING patients from med/surg and other units OUT and transferring them to another nearby hospital because they overbooked surgeries!!! They also said their Covid tent was full of covid patients. I watched that too. It was in the low 80°F temperature that evening and the air ventilation and condition was not running. Nobody went in or out of the tent in an hour. It was right next to the ER. As it got dark at 8pm. there were no lights on inside the tent. I could make out just one lit computer screen. The news crews there were outright LYING!!! And so were the people being interviewed.

  3. Hopefully just a cash grab propaganda campaign. Pretty scary if the photos are legit though ! they could be old photos or something.
    If not, 3rd and 4th jabs maybe ?? 🤔

  4. Show us credible footage, CREDIBLE, of the overcrowded conditions of the hospitals!!! What we are really being shown atm is the end result of an ill-managed health system, bogged down in political rhetoric which sacked much needed Doctors and Nurses. This is pure election BS by Qld's current Socialist Govt…with the Libs falling in line…

  5. The covid bull$#!* I never saw one person just die in the street don’t know anyone that did die other than a friend of a friend I had it if it wasn’t just the flu .. tired of the tyranny and embezzlement

  6. why is the federal government responsible? it's not called state health for nothing. Same with the bushfires, again a state issue, not federal. And the floods, again a state issue, not federal. this is labors f-up, not scomo.

  7. And to think the political parties ran elections saying they would fix hospital's schools and nursing homes and what did we get. A 5 minute fix and it's all turned to shit. Maybe someone needs to call them all out for the lies.

  8. It's a secret reason – can't be the number of medical professionals who have made their own decision to walk away. Media quickly learned not to talk about that possible reason. 17% of Australians made their own decision despite the personal cost, maybe they saw something that shook them.

  9. The elite have a quota to reach and sociopaths do not have emotions or morals and view men women and children as objects no different to the cattle and dairy industries. One only needs to look back in our history to know that when the population becomes too large we are culled back to a more controllable number. Some who are still asleep claim "oh that's just a conspiracy theory and it's not written in stone". Well the Georgia Goldstones written is 12 languages are written in stone "Always maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature" Hopefully people will wake up before they cannot. People walked into the gas chambers still trusting the authorities right up until they were told to put their clothes on the hook and we all know the outcome…PS I have noticed since the scamdemic how slow ambulances drive to hospitals that people now go to die then they get a huge government payment if they list that death as a covid death…

  10. 2 At 71 & 75 all 3 Children & 2 Spouses & 4 out of 6 Grandchildren fully vaccinated with only 2 reacting mildly once each. 1 Son, Spouse & 4 kids got Covid-half with No Symptoms & half with mild cold/flu symptoms. No after affects.

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