Drug Companies Behaving ‘Weird’

Clare Pain is a medical journalist who throughout the pandemic was responsible for writing professional publications read by Australian medical professionals to keep them up to date with the science.

In 2020 she started to notice some strange changes to the culture of the medical profession in Australia and spoke out for the retention of classical medical doctrines such as conflict of interest disclosures and medical ethics.

Clare’s personal journey includes being laughed at in Australian hospitals in 2020 for wearing too much PPE (masks and gloves) and anxiously awaiting Covid-19 vaccinations, to 2021 in Sheffield, England where she tried – unvaccinated – to catch Covid-19 to acquire immunity.

In this interview we discussed:

Behind the scenes of medical journalism throughout the pandemic
The differences between UK and Australian culture
The Australian ban on Ivermectin
Malfeasance by pharmaceutical companies
A survey she conducted with a sample size of 30,000 measuring vaccine consent

Note: The 25 minute long credits to this interview display raw statements from Clare’s survey where Australians shared why they received a C-19 vaccination. The statements on screen are uncensored and do not necessarily represent the views of Discernable or Clare Pain.

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  1. Many well-established drugs related to treatment of flu or malaria were limited or confiscated by goverments round the world right at the very beginning of the worldwide paranoia. Conclusions were obvious immediately.

  2. The whole Australian federal and state governments,big pharma, medical practioners and mainstream media should all be tried , charged and jailed for crimes against humanity. Absolutely disgusting, people died because of the greed to make money of peoples sickness. Military needs to take over now

  3. The patent for Ivermectin expired. That's why they don't want people using it. They want people to use an expensive patented drug that only they are allowed to legally make.

  4. I used to be doped up after my time in the Army. They jabbed with us with everything and we popped anti-malarial drugs twice a day for 6 months. Blokes who never saw anything remotely close to combat have the same issues as those who experienced IED attacks in the middle east.
    Now, I won't even touch a paracetamol tablet.

  5. Fantastic interview. Well worth the watch all. It also shows post vakks stats and comments from many Australians. Also, varied reasons for getting the stab. The reasons are haunting if I must say so and the poor souls who felt forced into it. Definitely grab a cuppa to watch this. Well done Matt. I also look forward to hearing more from Clare with you for another follow up.

  6. Everyone in my family have been double vaccinated and all of them ended up getting covid. I didn't get vaccinated it and I still haven't got covid. We live in a world where you cannot trust science because there is scientists out there right now telling us men can get pregnant.

  7. If they believed Ivermectin was not effective in treating Covid and knew that people were using it for that purpose and didn't say anything or promoted the drug as a Covid treatment then they would be equally irresponsible.

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