DuckDuckGo DESTROYS Brand By Embracing Censorship

Popular “alternative” search engine DuckDuckGo has run into something of a PR problem after CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg announced that, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, DuckDuckGo would alter search results to limit users’ access to disinformation and propaganda disseminated by the Russian government. Users have balked at this perceived censorship, pointing out that the search engine is popular because it serves as an alternative to sites like Google and Bing that operate as virtual extensions of the US government’s security state.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger trade puns on the DuckDuckGo name while mocking Weinberg’s potentially brand-destroying PR screwup.

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  1. So the tech companies' argument comes down to this: "You get to speak because we believe you speak the truth. That guy over there cannot speak because we believe he does not speak the truth." Well…who the fuck are you to make those decisions? GTFO of the way. I wasn't talking to you anyway. Your job is to facilitate conversation, not suppress it.

  2. This goes to show that the search engine was established as a fake alternative. Based on my experience with the search engine, I always felt they were the same as the others.

  3. [Based-Disclaimer] I disavow Zelynskyy’s forces, & lamestream news…..BUT. This was so predictable!! They’re just another tech company in Big Data, quite a dominant one, so this doesn’t sound uncharacteristic. They are frankly right that Privacy & Neutrality are separate, unrelated qualities. Sorry but this shouldn’t be so outrageous anymore. It’s not even hypocritical, technically.
    So yeah, and I’m not sure when people started pushing Duck search for news…? (Was it when Tim Pool and Ian fell for it? That was weird. Weird like Tim’s insane browser extension he’s always endorsing.)

    Big Tech will be Big Tech. Period. Lower your standards people, everything sucks!! A company is woke/russophobic unless proven otherwise. Put total trust in NONE of the big tech companies ever, unless they publicly red-pill their brand.

    Besides, there are other places we can go guys, you know this.
    (Especially if you pay for a 🇷🇺VPN🇷🇺)

  4. I recently put DuckDuckGo as an extension on Mozilla because of its privacy claims. I just said goodbye and I’m not crying too hard because I didn’t have an almost any chance to try it out. This kind of censorship about war is very very dangerous and I think we have a pandemic of censorship now. And may be a pandemic of stupidity.

  5. The CEO wants to be mentioned in the same breath as the big boys. It was a stupid name anyway. KISS, keep it simple stupid.

  6. Its not only tech companies, tech websites are also censoring by blocking comments and closing accounts if you don't follow the US narrative. The US is clearly not capable of any responsible leadership.

  7. Seems like us is turning into China with a mask of democracy. Media shut out check, mass surveillance check, this is only going to divide the world into different pockets which is only going to hurt everyone

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