Dude REFUSES To Say Black Lives Matter As Leftist Mobs Surrounds Him

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  1. Just keep talking about it! Bringing these incidents to light is what will keep them at bay. When they hear no one complain that's when they really go nuts and do whatever they want.

  2. Ideological differences that demands you overthrow our Republic can't be tolerated. Commies being hippies, Muslims living out their faith without trying to conquer us for Allah is fine. Revolutionaries and Jihadists need eradicated with extreme prejudice or none of us will be free.

  3. You cant be whatever you wanna be. Some stupid mfer came to my house yesterday and tried to remove my Trump flag. When I went outside, I grabbed the mfer and put him in a headlock and called the cops. When the cops showed up, they almost arrested me for excessive force lol! This Country is bullshit

  4. Hell of a fire, to me, its not that far of a logical leap that its all engineered. Rationally, think about circumstances. Whether or not Covid was created or evolved, it created a huge impact on the world and the general populace, showing the masses the inadequacies in the systems. People started to band together, to demand better for each other and they won't do for the establishment. So they started bringing up that age old divider of race in a really clever way. And boom, in fighting. Thereby dividing and conquering. Making us ask and settle for waaaay different shit than at the start of the pandemic.

  5. So the left has already shifted their narrative. It used to be all about POC as a whole, but now they're after anyone that's NOT black. I think they forget sometimes how little of the population % they actually hold.

  6. Eventually (if he doesn’t own it) the building owners will cave and kick him out for fear he will their property burned down. Watch.
    There’s always a weak link in the chain.
    We need to be on the offense, not the defense.

  7. Tim finally realizes the problem we have with the movement…. he just doesn't realize he realizes lol. They literally think ONLY their race matters. They aren't saying their race is having trouble right now, they mean ONLY they matter

  8. Bro, they knew they were gonna steal this election with mail in ballots in 2017. They needed someone with enough name rec to make it believable… Whuch is why they are running Biden. Which also explains how Bill Maher knew 3 years ago that Trump wouldn’t just leave knowing they planned to steal it.

    They realized after they lost in 2016 EVEN WITH ALL THEIR CHEATING… that Trump has too much support. And he’ll have even more after helping American for 4 years. And they knew they never stood a chance


  9. I'll never say "Black Lives Matter", but I will agree they really mean "Black Lives Better" as THAT is the true intent of the movement. Oh and extorting money… er, I mean… "reparations" from the government.

  10. Irony of these losers claiming victimhood and accosting an immigrant – a wonderful patriotic immigrant (with skin as brown as theirs, no less) – who has already become a successful business owner! ??

  11. Why can’t people see that this is the future if Biden and his crew get elected? Dictatorship of the mob with no restraint coming from the government. Brownshirts in every way.