Duke Volleyball Hoax Falls Apart

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In this video I discuss how BYU reacted to allegations made by Duke Volleyball player Rachel Richardson, despite no evidence to back up her claims
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  1. Gotta say, I'm tired of my "can't afford" ass being lumped in with all the others. Crowder does this too. Wish I was smart enough to get paid for speaking my opinion. Instead I have to fix machines that make your life work while supporting a family of five. Pathetic me, right?

  2. Everything is racist in the US because that's what the woke media and politicians want you to believe. Get your passport and leave the country. You may just find a better place to live.

  3. Love your production AJW. I dare you to zoom into the imac as you toss to sponser to see you on screen delivering sponser clip, then zoom back out to you. Your RIKE count will explodes!

  4. Mentally handicapped man punished on the word of a single, BIPOC woman in a crowded, well-documented sports match? Sounds about right. Colleges and universities ain't got no time for due process or justice!

  5. As a BYU grad school graduate, I am also appalled at the spinelessness of the BYU admin. There is a growing Utahn LDS culture of weak non-confrontation; no one consciously decided this is the way to go, but I think people first equated being "nice" with being "kind", and then equated non confrontation with being nice. And we are seeing the results here with throwing the one guy under the bus.

  6. It wasn’t just any women’s basketball team that canceled BYU over this. It was South Carolina – and I believe they had won the national Championship last year. Would have been a very popular ticket.

  7. Gazi Kodzo was allowed on all social media platforms including youtube but Devon Tracy was kicked off. A black person can call for the extermination.and enslavement of all whites but if a white person says maybe blacks arent victims and are in fact victimizers and shows evidence they are kicked off social media for hate speech

  8. Small correction, it was Dawn Staley's USC Lady Gamecocks basketball team that pulled out of a game at BYU (she just unilaterally decided this without any input from the university, but has black/gay privilege, so it was all good) because she "feared for the safety of her player".

    Interestingly, Staley has no problem bringing her team to Memphis, where her players actually will face danger.

  9. I said it before and I'll say it again: The commission of a racial hoax is a hate crime and it needs to be prosecuted as such. This is especially necessary to do for white people to protect themselves, as their community is regularly wrongfully vilified by the mainstream media which is corporate owned, and pushes the narrative that our demographic is made up of white supremacists who want to dominate black people.

  10. I live in a rural Iowa community. Last year at the fair someone shouted the n-word at a person of color. An all-out brawl started, in rural Iowa. So you mean to tell me in a major college University people just sat by and let someone throw the n word around like that.

  11. Just take that in for a second. A police officer was called over the alleged use of a word. So cops were called over speech that isn’t confirmed to have happened and were ready to punish people for it.. over a word. We live in a fucking clown world.

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