Dumb Lefties Upset Proud Boys Marched In NY Promoting Anti Racism!


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  1. Proud Boys. If there is one people who have the right idea in this fucking mess, it's them. Join Proud Boys today boys. Pour some purpose into your lives. Find out how great life can be if you stop being a lazy, entitled, useless leftie. Defend the values that built this world.

  2. Do these people complaining realize that they're spreading Anti racism??!! And they were pro American and pro law and order and they did nothing illegal or violent??!! The left can be so so Dumb!!

  3. I used to work in Rockville Centre. Nice neighborhood. Most people that live there would support them. But Maybe 60% under 30 yrs old will Not support them. Long Island voted overwhelmingly Republican on Election Day.

  4. It's sad how many ppl fall for the headlines and media. Guy I work with is a good dude I get along great with him. But we talk about anything like this and he 100 percent agrees with the media

  5. a girl who thinks it is a good idea to put a loop through her nose… know so she can be lead around… crying about people walking. ok…shop owners are happy.

  6. Elizabeth Warren is asking the Justice Department to investigate Big Poultry 👀 for price gauging. The Justice Department? Holy shit dude! Did you ever hear of Big Poultry befo?

  7. Proud boys and Q are a psyop as well. Only the right isn’t as stupid as the left and only Feds are committing violent acts. Don’t fall for this group… way too many informants there.

  8. The Left are Just Neo Liberal Dupes. Everything they believe in was created by Neo Liberal Economic Policy which offshores Working Class Jobs. And they're all unconcerned, they don't even notice. Mid-Wits only interested in their own selfish "Careers". That's how NPC they all are.

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