Dumb Lefty Nurse Gets Vaxx Injured & Of Course Blames Trump


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  1. As someone worked in Healthcare I'm completely blown away that they blindly took this thing and bought into the lies.
    First red flag was no biohazard bags, then cloth masks or the thin surgical one then they toss said masks everywhere.
    Any nurse worth their salt knows anything communicable disease that supposedly spreads like this needs to have all items incinerated. They should've also known that N95 would've been best bet period. Oh and these need to be fit tested.
    Ugh so disappointing

  2. Sure,Trump rolled out the vaccine but he said it would be up to each individual person if they chose to take it while Biden basically said okay get the this jab or lose your jobs.

  3. That’s nothing. Search “NZ nurse anaphylactic reaction to vaccine”.
    Not only did she nearly die the first time, she went back for a second knowing what would happen.
    And the person giving it to her knew what would happen too, but went ahead anyway!
    God help me if I’m hospitalised on our godforsaken plague island.
    No news on booster – I’d say either she didn’t get it, or we lost another Tik Tokker.
    Probably the latter.

  4. Last week there was a poll in my country. The results showed that the health service has the lowest public confidence. Politicians were in the second place, journalists in the third, and the police in fourth. I live in Europe and it happens all over the world. The doctors who were to heal us are the ones we trust the least.

  5. Our loved ones died without us at their sides….while you all danced for TikTok in the hallways back in 2020, remember?
    I do too and I don't feel SHIT for your job losses now, not one small shit even.

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