Dumb Science Roundup

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  1. Being Mr Picky Shuji Nakamura did not invent the blue led.
    He created a manufacturing technique, which enabled mass production of high powered blue LEDs, which enabled its use in white led lighting.
    The other two winners of the prize, Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano created the first high powered blue LED.
    The first blue LED was actually invented at Stanford university in 1972 nearly 20 years earlier.

  2. It may help to understand that the Ignobels came from the same people who used to publish “The Journal of Irreproducible Results”. It was considered quite a feat to get an article accepted in that publication.

  3. If you're a Boxer or Mma fighter if your opponent has a thick beard it's can be a little deceiving on where the chin/jawline is upon striking, it also can be a distraction for the eyes. Having said that tho facial hair or not it still won't stop you from being Ko'd.

  4. I was actually interested in the beard thing. On top of making men appear more aggressive (previous studies), now they make them more damage resistant.
    Again, beards are being proven more and more as useful. I wouldn't be shocked if MMA fighters and boxers started sporting beards. The main issue is beards help hold in heat and overheating in the ring is not good either.

  5. I'd have presumed the beards helped in fights by dissuading someone from trying it. Fights are dangerous and energy expensive, so a lot of animals have ways of signalling their place in a hierarchy and only fighting when similarly matched. I'm thinking rutting deer as an example

  6. The more concerning thing here is that taxpayer money went to these studies. I just watch Rand Paul ask congress why spending millions to find out if quails are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine, or if people are more or less likely to eat from a buffet if someone sneezed on it, or is important enough to add to the multi trillion $ debt, don't we need finding for real diseases

  7. Hold leadership accountable, truth to power, checks and balances and oversight above all else. In The West, this is all missing today, and science has become controlled by "trusted scientists" while actual scientists crying foul play are censored and banned. America still has power to the people, it's high time the people demand Nuremberg Trials run by civic duty, the people holding our leadership accountable, and transparency is viewed by all.

  8. In America, the people at large hold the power…Sure feels like we don't anymore, everything we want investigated or made transparent goes without inquiry/punishment and the bad faith actors walk free of charge and often times brag about their "above the law" status. Every time we protest this corruption, fraud and hypocrisy we get investigated/prosecuted instead. It's Clown World, and this cognitive dissonance has to be known by the majority at this point, the bad faith actors and those trying to "subvert" this nation should be investigated, not the people pointing at the problems.

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