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  1. I'd like to believe that something good and honest will come out of this but I'm afraid that this will all be a ploy by the dark side to make a show of justice being done but in the end it'll be a whitewash and then that same dark side can say "see there was nothing in it; Hillary was innocent."

  2. Perkins Coie was involved in loads of mail-in. Allot suits prior to election, they came down to fight AZ audits post-election. They have weaponized the systems, this is Hillary's coup. YW.

  3. Read the Hill **report, the Durham investigation amounted to wala shay/nada/rien/NOTHING…

    ***Friday's product of Durham's two-plus year effort had nothing to do with that. Durham indicted former Democratic Party attorney Michael Sussmann for false statements to the FBI. Sussmann allegedly lied in September 2016 when he offered the FBI information about the Trump campaign's supposed communications channel to a Russian bank. Sussmann allegedly denied, falsely, that he was representing any client in presenting the information…

  4. Say did they purp walk Sussman like they did all the Trump people, did they arrest him and put him in cuffs like they did Trump people. Did they give him a judge that was out to get him. NO the judge over this case may be friends with Sussman. If he has to serve time in jail I would be surprised. This man interfered with A man running for president and put him and his friends through Hell with made up lies, just ask some of them was it good to them, the answer is NO. I would be surprised if anything comes of it .

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