Durham Has GOT ONE, Ex FBI Lawyer To Plead GUILTY In Obamagate Probe, Trump Cheers

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  1. Can you do a segment on the revealed tweets showing teachers talking about keeping parents in the dark about schooling so the teachers can indoctrinate to progressivism?

  2. Nobody will ever be held accountable ….. at this point I feel like the Trump is working with the deep state to cover up all the crimes….:: it’s fucking ridiculous that nobody is ever held accountable….. it’s a fucking joke at this point.

  3. Is durham even a real person, there seems to be only 1 photo of this guy that is used in every news story. What happened to the "bulldog" Durham we heard about. Wow 1 lawyer who will plead guilty and probably get probation. This single email didn't lead to what we have delt with for the last 4 years. Leaking of a false report by comey was the spark, and comey dose not seem to be worried in the least. Still running his mouth and already has admitted guilt

  4. I was thinking about the situation, every lie perpetuated by the left about Trump, all the media, the conspiracies. All the swamp monsters were afraid about Trump's drainage pump so they had to do whatever was in their power to slow him down but now it seems that the pump is plugged in and will start draining some serious shit. I just hope for you and for the rest of the world that Trump wins.

  5. Just heard another report say there was no cooperation on any other investigation for a plea deal. It's window dressing. A set up. Maybe nothing more could be done under the law but it makes you wonder who wrote that law?