Durham Investigation NOW IMPLICATES Hillary Clinton DIRECTLY With Arrest Of Her Campaign Lawyer!


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  1. Nothing ever happens to the criminal democrats. All the evidence of mail in voter fraud, nothing happens, Hillary’s Clinton foundation guilty of many treasonous activities nothing happens to any and democrat who breaks the law. Disgusting times we live in the democrats have made it so no Republican can ever be elected again.

  2. What SHOULD happen to HRC and what WILL happen are about as far removed from one another as the East is from the West!!! I will NEVER believe that justice is something we will EVER see where the Clinton's are concerned.

  3. They wanted trump to be president. It’s all theatre. They thought if he came out with the V while orange guy was prez, more conservatives would take it. That’s not the only reason but it’s one of them.

  4. Why would Joey not reward the crooks he worked with earlier. Remember bengazi?
    Won't be the first time Americans were left behind to die and no one held to account.
    That's how he can go on vacation and do just fine after Afghanistan.

  5. The FBI is no longer trustworthy – it has morphed into something lower the the KGB-the idea that it has truth and justice as it’s core goal is laughable at this point – crony politics run the FBI and they wonder why the have lost all respect with the American public

  6. Why are the indictments always against an attorney? Why not Hillary, Brennan, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and the rest. This was Treason, with a whole lot of high level Democrats involved, including Obama.

  7. Man i really hope this guy has constant guards that are trustworthy surrounding him. I would really hate to see him get epstien’d by those evil prison bed sheets. (Which btw normal sheets on suicide watch are literally sown into the cott..)

  8. HILLARY, AND BILL CLINTON ARE DEAD IN GITMO, On October 25 Chelsea Clinton will be given an opportunity to defend herself at a Military Tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. As reported by RRN, Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky were arrested by the military while the criminal duo was travelling from Clinton’s upscale Manhattan apartment to a vacation spot in Rockport, Massachusetts.

    The military separated them at time of arrest; Clinton went to Guantanamo Bay for processing, and her squirrelly, effeminate husband was taken to an undisclosed location where JAG investigators have reportedly been sweating him for information. A GITMO source told Real Raw News that Mezvinsky has been singing like a bird, ostensibly to strike a plea deal to avoid his own tribunal. RRN.

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