Durham Probe Going After The Clinton Foundation Now?? October Surprise IS COMING

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  1. The Clinton's have virtually filled every closet in their mansion and their backyard with 'dead bodies' collected over years and years and years of their corruption and nothing has been done. What makes anyone think something will be done with the corrupt Clinton Foundation and its doings? Move along, kkthx. Nothing will be done, nothing will happen. Laws and rules apply only for you and me, not them…..

  2. Tim, you need to get some sleep. You are getting giddy and silly but don't laugh off everything while you wait for your October surprise. Sometimes the surprise is no surprise at all!

  3. What people don't understand is there is NO rule at the DOJ that says Barr can't investigate or even Indict or Arrest someone running for President , What the Rule actually says is you can't do that IF the sole purpose is to interfere in the election , So long as there is factual Evidence and a legally predicated Investigation game over

  4. John Moynihan and Larry Doyle has got ALLLLL the details on her foundation. They’ve been trying to get this case unsealed but FBI IRS and DOJ have been too WEAK!! According to John and Larry, they were told by a Fed that this case is the equivalent of a nuclear bomb going off. From $500 million to $2.5 billion that they owe in taxes and to illegal weapons sales to middle eastern rebels (proxy wars) the Clinton Foundation has been involved with. If they get the Hillary Clinton Foundation, they may have to go after everyone else’s like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And then, what else will be revealed? Because it has been stated that contract tracing was already being discussed in August 2019, in Africa between Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller representatives, Partners in Health Organization president Dr. Jim Yong Kim (former head of the World Bank at one point, so he is a globalist) and congressman Barry Rush.They discussed the H.R. 6666 bill which was introduced May 1, 2020. THIS DETAIL MAY BE REVEALED INDICATING THAT COVID19 WAS PLANNED ALL ALONG!! And then what after that? It may be revealed all the shady practices they do in Africa and the Middle East in terms of medicine!! The UN came out within a week ago stating that their polio vaccine is what caused polio in Sudan!! And guess who backed the make and distributor of this polio vaccine?? BILL GATES!!

    Once a thread is pulled, where tf is it going to end? This is a BIG ENCHILADA

  5. The Clinton foundation is one of the most efficiently run money laundering operations in the world. So many shell corporations moving money around between each other and via so many circuitous paths and countries that eventually it's impossible to follow it through the massive digestive system until it's eventually shit out into the clinton's bank account.

  6. Durham could investigate the Clinton's and indict on crossfire hurricane at the same time, no? This is horse shit and an excuse to delay with their hope trump loses. Does anyone think the investigation or any prosecution will occur if biden wins?

  7. The democrats are always punished by the law on unintended consequences. Removing the filibuster in the senate has come back to haunt them. The impeachment and relentless investigations of Trump will come back to bite them in the ass too. This is the new normal. The minority party is going to endlessly legally harass and / or impeach whoever is in power.

  8. wrong tim, when you said that they're going to try every single thing to win, they haven't tried having good policies the american people agree with and a good candidate.

  9. Durham is bullshit. This is Huber 2.0 which was Horowitz's IG Report 2.0, (which itself had a James Comey carveout before it that was going to be huge that amounted to nothing) which was going to correct the lackluster original report on McCabe.

    In my best George Carlin, "It's all bullshit."

  10. This was the original purpose of pizza gate! Look up the./Clinton foundation general/. It would be tough to find though. It was a general collective megathread trying to connect the dots within the clinton money laundering machine

  11. President Trump. If you are gonna do this, you are going against the biggest mafia family in the world whose hands extended to many corners of the planet… if you are going to do this but I mean really really really really do this……….. YOU BETTER GO HARD OR GO HOME! Better yet: GO HARD OR GET THE F*** OUT THE WHITE HOUSE! This is not the time for cold or wam heart. Time to go Red Wedding on Washington, reshape America and make the founding fathers proud, cement your legacy. Godspeed!

  12. The CF is nothing but a slush fund for the Clintons and they’re political friends who probably also use it as a front for money laundering, child trafficking, etc. I knew this a LONG time ago.