Durham Reveals How Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump’s White House AFTER He Became President

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  1. Roman and his ilk are so brave. As we begin to realize how deep this coup went–it is too horribly widespread and so heinous to normal people to see & believe–we understand that every person exposing the 'communists' (really just the overthrowers hiding under communist 'principles') are at great risk.

  2. So why isn't this knowledge given headlines across the world? A media type could be top reporter by doing so…and, any reputable network would make that person chief anchor…opportunity awaits…but the corrupt CIA, FBI & black ops working for the DNC/Dumbocrats would possibly perform a cleaning act to halt that the factual wrongdoings by said characters in this article…Brennan, Comy, Clinton, et al should be hanged for treasonous acts to uproot the American citizens believability in our Constitution and subvert the election process as DJT pointed out…great video!

  3. Spying is illegal and criminal. Why isn't Hilary Clinton in prison? Why has she not been indicted. She was also caught up in the Watergate scandal, and has not learned from that guilt and loss of her membership to her Bar Association. She is a clear and present danger to the people of America and others. Shameful that she is above the law. She needs to be dealt with by the Justice Department and FISA, as her guilt involves foreign entities.
    Both Russia and the Ukraine. She has caused an international incident, as well in Benghazi.. many Americans have suffered , especially Our President Trump— who is still suffering. tms poet Ohio USA 2/18/22, 12:10 pm

  4. Put Clinton and her gang in jail already & confiscate all assets!!! Ban them to ever be in politics ever again. If the Clintons is a politicians in China, she & her whole family would have been executed!

  5. * Do these fraudulent liars have to pay back the money spent (our tax dollars) on the 2 attempted impeachments ….. the mud slinging 4 years of trying to stop our President , The NYT and the Washington Post lying repeatedly to the world, brainwashing Americans to hate Trump? These are the true swamp people…..and they live way down in the muck of everything. Jo Jo only got in because many Americans only watch the fake news, they do no research beyond fake news, they're lazy and they need to hate someone..Trump was their "bad guy". Jo Jo won because of this hatred . Who could ever really vote for him? Was it his 5 decades of horrible politics?. Even Obama said "if you want it to fail .. send in Joe Biden" …. so maybe Jo is good for some things.

  6. Roman B….suggest you start paying attention to your “back side”. You are accusing people who know well how to stop unpleasant news about them. There is a lot of room in the closets of Bill and Hillary for more bodies. The name Vince Foster comes to mind. Hope you do not slow down or dilute your efforts at Epoch to ferret out the truth.

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