During Rally To Overthrow The SCOTUS AOC Says She Was Raped


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  1. Just remember she's the one that landed the eagle on the moon with 15 seconds of fuel to spare according to her she has to be the central figure in every single event narcissism writ large

  2. Surely there will be records of a police report…or let me guess, she didn’t file a report because she didn’t think men would believe here etc.

    She should be thrown in jail if this turns out to be a false claim 👍🏻

  3. lol, she sounds like my friend when his "why he's late" story isn't hitting. She mentions her friends getting assaulted while pausing every 2 words. Looks around at the bland expressions. Then casually out of nowhere… "I myself was also reeeeept when I was 22 or 23, somewhere in that ball park, what I do remember is that it happened when I was living in New York City."

    Handlers in ear: "Nailed it!"

  4. This is so sad..AOC probably left the bar she was working at and drunkenly fucked the bouncer who stayed while she did the money. Regret is not worthy of this claim. My gfs mother was raped in El Salvador. She was beaten very close to death. Rape is nothing to lie about. Its brutal stuff

  5. Of the 887,000 abortions recorded in 2020 7.5% we because of r@pe, the health of the baby or the health of the mother. The rest were elective. Fun Fact: 52% of pregnancies in the District of Comombia ended in abortion, the highest percentage in the country.

  6. Saying or doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal, irrespective of the ethics or morality of your behavior, is a characteristic of psychopathy. This bug-eyed cretin isn't harmlessly dumb; she's become a household name by being whatever she has to be in order to shoehorn herself into every news narrative, and, because she's a Demonrat, the media are silent about her history of blatant lies.
    Imagine what the media would do to MTG or Lauren Boebert if they pulled a stunt this transparently crass and opportunistic. Look at how the media HAVE treated women who have accused Demonrat politicians OF r@pe!
    I say it's time we start fighting fire with fire. If Sandy here is telling the truth, there ought to be some corroborating evidence, and we demand to see it. A police report? Family and friends who conversed with her at the time? A hospital bill? Put up or shut up, Sandy.

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