Dutch Block Germany Border As Politicians Close Down Farms

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. we are all gonna fkn starve to death, we should all be worried, pardon my french but I'm just so damn sick and tired of all this, year after year just waiting for us to return back to normal so we can catch up but we never do

    I hate to quote game of thrones after that terrible last season, but "WINTER IS COMING"

  2. Don't worry, if we ever run out of food we can start eating the politicians that got us into that mess in the first place.
    That would be poetic justice and irony AS WELL as a life-saving method against starvation.
    And let's be real, most european and american governments are bloated AF anyways with people sitting in jobs where pencil-pushing sounds like actual work for these people.
    That way they would be useful to the public at least once.

  3. The purpose of the European Union is the continuation of the European Union.
    If they have… to start another Great Depression, start a war with Russia, abuse europeans under the guise of combatting a disease that ran rampant because of their own actions or flood europe with african migrants despite cultural incombatibilities that will lead to violence and chaos in the future…
    …then so be it. The EU is bureocratic bloat and corruption in it's FINAL FORM. And it is disgusting beyond compare and can't die soon enough.

  4. The real problem is that most people don't even understand the "crisis". People think the farmers are hurting the environment/nature, but that isn't even the case. The Netherlands used to lay below sea level and the soil simply isn't that great and the farmers are turning the low quality soil into much better soil causing lots more green plants to grow, but pushing out the brown plants that are adapted to the crappy soil.

    That is THE crisis; that the Empire builders from the EU have decided that the nature in the Netherlands has to remain at some arbitrary state somewhere in between the Sea it used to be and the fertile land it wants to become.

  5. 2:22 Hammer, nail!! BUT it is not just only that. Their ways of achieving this goal is also evil. It's so incredible dirty. The voters get manipulated, that's okay in my book. It is how 'democracy' works. BUT, these protesters are being manipulated too. They're fighting the wrong enemy!! Attacking citizens and corporations. Insane. You're being used.
    It would be hilarious if it didn't affect me so much. And yet I still support the farmers, but Jesus, guys. Think about what you are doing.

  6. When the world is facing a food shortage due to the invasion and blockade of Ukraine, that's when they decide to close down farms. The Dutch government must be run by Crazy Eddie. Or Satan. Take your pick.

  7. Nice move, politicians.
    They don't care that steak will now cost 10 times more than usual. And that is, if it's found at all. Plus all those jobs lost.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Guillotine is being dusted and greased as we speak.

  8. Oddly enough, I thought that Europeans knew what the European union was all about… now I'm starting to think that the American far left is taking notes from Europe

  9. Closing down farms when food production is down due to the war in Ukraine and food prices are up due to inflation. Well, enjoy the coming famine I guess.

  10. Ive said it before. Politicians should never make more money than the national average. And this is why. Its easy to increase prices and taxes when youre not the one who will starve because of it.

  11. Next election… i'm guessing it will be another of those most fair and balanced elections ever with definitely not anyway shape or form corrupt to bone and manipulated by globalists/freemasons.

  12. They want you dead. Make no mistake; this isn't about "cLimAtE cHaNgE", it's about culling the population and leaving the remainders that don't starve to death weak, miserable, destitute, homeless and disbarred from making a living so the only thing you can do to keep yourself alive is kowtow to the government. They're totalitarian, authoritarian zealots that want to cage you up, enslave you and then slaughter you when you're no longer useful.

    They're not stupid. They're evil.

  13. Be warned Boris and the rest of your nat-soc friends, we know where your faux gras and sirloin lives and we're going to give you what you want… Equity, you starve us and guess what… You starve too…

  14. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤️ "The mind is the man, the poor is in it and the rich is it too". This sentence is the secret of most successful investors. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth

  15. I had people shit all over different liberties, but more or less, very similar restrictions. The type of shit that ends family lines over time.

  16. In my home region (Eifel) in mid-west germany the slurry that is transported from dutch farms is sprayed on the field in a ridiculous amount.
    They basically call the streets leading from the netherlands to there "slurry interstate".

  17. The carbon cycle for cow farts into atmosphere into grass back into cows is about 10 years, and should not be compared to burning fossil fuels…

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