Dutch farmer dropping absolute truth bombs

Dutch farmer dropping absolute truth bombs

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  1. the government spends billions on eradicating disease and pests, so we should do the same and eradicate the disease and pests called government and its authoritarian.

  2. And when most of the meat and dairy producing animals and farmers are gone people will have a choice: starve or eat bugs and synthetic meat and milk, totally dependent on government and big corporations. To quote New York Nadia: "Do you see it yet?"

  3. They have the other plan for Australia. Firstly the bees and none of the beekeepers in that area had ever seen one of those mites. Secondly we now have this FMD. Guess how they test for it PCR and no they don't need any signs of it on their property. Also the push for them to jab up their herds with their latest stuff, more money and also look into MRNA and animals and just what they have and are developing. Can we see a pattern. Yes we can.

  4. When the city folk start starving, they will run to the bush for food and help.
    Unfortunately, they will have caused this with their socialist voting practices, and to put it mildly, will be extremely unwelcome.

  5. I'm waiting to see when this same thing starts happening in other countries? Is it just a count down now untill it starts happening in Australia? I work in the dairy sector and am starting to ponder whether I should change my occupation before it crashes?

  6. Its the world order. That will distroy food. To deliberately destroy food , the people, throughout the world, they're going to stave the people, and people will die of starvation, this is the world order plan, don't you people get it yet. 🐒🐉🐵

  7. Australia next. All countrues will be destroyed the getting rid of food yes what human meat is next when they start killing people as it already done, what do you think, most of them dog Food is. ' human meat "

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