Dutch Farmer Protest, Challenge To Freedom Convoy?

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  1. 4:10 The motivation is: you deserve to be here… legally. Not by some ridiculous agonizing fluke. Democrats are LYING and are heavily involved in moneys with trafficking and ultimate depend on the illegal votes for elections. So… there's that.

  2. yes arrogancy might be one of the factors here but i think its more that he and the wef are getting STRESSED now, cuz they KNOW like many of US know that if to many realize the truth about this worldwide globalist plans, then it will be much harder to go through w their evil agendas and intentions, thats why things are more rapidly ESCALATING w events like this this year compared to last year, i mean through social media,

    HUNDREDS are waking up and getting red pilled EVERY DAY in all WESTERN countries mainly for stage 1 of awareness and awakening, and THOUSANDS EVERY WEEK, so the wef and schwab knows that time is NOT on their side,time is ticking and they wanna implement this without too much bloodshed on the streets of europe and north america by using police and maybe soldiers as their tugs, as their pawns to protect them and implement this satanic concept….!!!

  3. all this babble is NOT about climate change or the better interest of the eart of for common ppl , its only about step by step implementing TOTALITARIANISM in the west as it is in many other non democratic countries of the world !!

  4. Nitrogen is the most abundant element in our atmosphere. Like Oxygen, Carbon, and Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen is an essential building block for all carbon life forms on this planet.

  5. Haha, no we don't have tanks rolling away these tractors. Neither do the rules initiate from the UN, it's European rules (Natura 2000). All best from The Netherlands.

  6. -Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth. They say in Heaven, love comes first.
    We'll make Heaven a place on Earth. Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth. In this world we're just beginning. To understand the miracle of livin'. Baby, I was afraid before, But I'm not afraid anymore! NATO. is "What Happened" when: "They" Did NOT "Eliminate" ALL NAZI's , after WW2. Level the "Pentagon", and EVERY NATO "Sympathizer." PEACE

  7. As someone born (and spent a lot of time) in NYC, I can see why people would take exception to Griffin's TikTok video. I could even see where people would simply make fun of him and his perspective for being so clueless about where to buy groceries, or dinner for that matter (DoorDash, anyone? Ask a co-worker where THEY shop…). But I think firing him is taking it overboard. Similar to President Biden, the "woke" mob put themselves forth as tolerant and accepting, yet they're some of the most uncompassionate people in the country.

  8. NO THIS HAS NOT "ALWAYS" happened!! There was no internet or viral videos in the 80s. Lots of people were known to have some kind of outside opinion or association that their employer might not want to be associated with, but they didn't get massive public pressure to fire the person to prove it wasn't part of their company culture. People are all kinds of things that don't match the public image of the companies where they work. They are paid for their service for the time they are on the clock, and outside of that, they have lives, opinions, learning curves, and their lives should not be destroyed because they expressed themselves, and that includes online.

  9. "And what's interesting to know is that the dutch minister who has pushed this nitrogen law, has a brother-in-law who is the owner of the dutch online supermarket called Picnic. Guess who invested 600 million dollars in Picnic last year? Bill Gates, the man who wants to eat fake meat." ~ Eva Vlaardingerbroek

  10. You're a clown Kim. How do you become an apologist for the right-wing morons like Jordan Peterson and defend his right to insult women under free speech grounds yet you want to sue the Humanist Report for telling the truth about you? If anyone implies or calls you a bigot, it's their opinion. If you constantly act as an apologists for these people, it has the benefit of being true.

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