Dutch government bill proposes monitoring all transactions over 100 Euros | Eva Vlaardingerbroek

‘They will know everything about you through the money that you spend… There’s a presumption of guilt, you are being treated as a criminal’

Mark Steyn and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss CBDCs and a new bill from the Dutch government which proposes monitoring all transactions over 100 Euros

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  1. Governments are elected to SERVE the general public – once in power, their Elitist aspirations mean they are introducing “Laws by Stealth” to ensure the general public is serving the Government. This MUST be stopped before its too late.

  2. If I was asked if I had something to hide, I would say yes, my private life! Hiding it from people and governments who have absolutely no right or reason to pry into my private life.

  3. And yet the EC will not publish details of the €36bn Pfizer contract.

    How about starting with the banksters in the The City Of London – off shore banking capital of the world (that’s crooked money laundering to me & you and worth £€$ trillions)

  4. Once again us CT folks TOLD you this was the agenda our rulers and (self-proclaimed) 'betters' had in store for us…Chalk another one off to rigorous, early research, now proven correct…Who'da thought it? 🙄

  5. Exactly the same in NZ…”what is this money for”… And forget being able to transfer any larger amounts of money to Oz from NZ without getting “clearance” from the bank first. What business is this of theirs!!

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