Dutch Police Release DOGS On Anti-Lockdown Protesters, Health Expert Says Omicron May End Pandemic

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss Israel’s push for a second booster, as well as whether natural immunity will end the pandemic.

Protester in Amsterdam, Netherlands image courtesy of AP Photo/Peter Dejong.

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  1. U mean everyone is still getting the flu ! At this time of year??? Wow that’s so unusual? I wonder what’s going on ? Even with the rebranding that’s so crazy! What’s next allergies?!

  2. Shame on the Amsterdam police! I can not believe this after living there for 11 years. Tolerance was the key word for evry action of the authorities, specially for drugs!

  3. "end of covid"? its a bio weapon attack and will never stop…. the evil side will keep this up and apply more pressure to bring the world to its knees. There will be a stronger variant in 2 months after the Olympics. Then china will attack Taiwan. Key is chinese new year along the side of the games…. when the virus started it really blew up after chinese went back to host countries after their new years. (The dems are part of the evil side too…quite evident)

  4. The experts that were censored said it two years ago that we would a have a variant like Omicron and we will have herd immunity and it will become endemic luv the seasonal flu. Welcome getting Omicron.

  5. You can't stop the spread, vaccines are not really helping with that. Omicron will takes its course regardless. Enough with these mandates & lock downs!

  6. Shame on you for presenting as alternative news while only feeding the same minions to globalist position as you comment like a health scientist. Maybe present or interview the People being censored for sharing truth about the Plandemic! ENOUGH BS! Shame on you!

  7. ye from the netherlands here… our govenment is basically turned into north korea. and the people bend over and let them… that gov wants it sure… but the people allow it is what scares me most…

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