Dylan Ratigan: How Evergrande EXPOSES Chinese Fragility

Krystal and Saagar are joined by Dylan Ratigan to discuss the Chinese economy and how the Evergrande situation shows the fragility of China’s entire system

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  1. Glad to see the Ratigan segment, I usually catch him on Tasty Trade or Jimmy Dore. Also, it might be interesting if there was a weekly or monthly segment on which of your episodes were demonetized. Could shed light on the topics are most being silenced. That said, happy to say I am now a new premium member…

  2. Simply put it’s an authoritarian zoning mechanism. Oh and domestically we operate the same! Just disguised to accommodate the demographic.
    I believe the taxation without representation conversation should be more mainstream if we are to be serious as a society. But that will get canceled and threatened to whatever extent you choose to define it. Selective historical exceptionalism gets you as far as you prioritize personal impact

  3. The Chinese Communist Party will bail out the Chinese investors whose usefulness outweighs any potential threat they might pose to Xi's strangle hold on the nation. Any non-Chinese investors will simply lose any investments they were stupid enough to entrust to a hostile dictatorship.

  4. I used to love Dylan. Lately he is been Fool of shit. He said a bunch of NOTHING! He never answered the question about how is us 🇺🇸 market gonna be affected. He refused to answer that question because he didn't want to be accused of influencing the USA market and cause panic. He lacks courage lately .

  5. You are the best! Unfortunately Youtube becoming more and more like communist regimes media – trying to push pro-government agenda and repress the criticism of official media. Shame on you YouTube. You are the only source of truth for billions of people and you act like an asshole!

  6. I do not find the analysis of China to be profound or insightful. The Silk Road Initiantive is a nefarious scheme ?? He should try the World Bank pushing neoliberal doctrine on behalf of Western oligarchs. They have a reputation of ruining countries. China might treat developing countries better than the U.S. or the EU. – And the crisis in China is not as severe: The BETS on the default risks of the subprime loans really crashed finance in 2008. Real estate was overpriced but if people had gotten extensions, cheap loans – there was underlying value and people living in their home do not have to pay for rent.

    The value of the homes recovered, so people that could not afford them could have sold later, when the dust had settled. And an infrastructure bill could have provided the jobs, while healthcare reform would substantially lower costs of living (and costs for businesses, too).

    The political leaders in the U.S. chose to help the banksters and big biz and not the citizens. That may be different in China (I expect them to act differently) AND they have the resources to do so. This is not a country like Vietnam or Mexico or Cuba or Nicaragua that can be bullied – by actors who want to avoid a precedence HOW a government should react in a crisis.

    Iceland got away with bailing out citizens not banks (or affluent foreign "investors") because they are too small to matter and too small too easily corrupt. In a country with 350,000 people that are used to have grassroots democracy it is hard to corrupt the political process like in the EU or the U.S. They could not be regime changed, and setting up a newspaper or TV channel to influence public opinion takes time.

    Under Clinton the project to do away with all safeguards on finance (started under Reagan) was finished and the European and other governments were pressured by their banks to do the same (finance saw what profits American banks and stock exchange speculators could make).
    In Iceland they had their own (different) crisis. Also in other countries. Many large banks in many nations had other highly speculative things going on, and in many nations the regulators let them do it. And no punishment ANYWHERE. But in Iceland where they sentenced their banksters.
    Hype (bound to fail), greed and corruption in many nations.

    China should have had MANY but smaller companies and they also looked the other way (although the tightened the rules in recent years, they saw problems coming).

    BUT: they CAN settle that: they have the people (1.3 bn or 1.4 bn), the currency reserves and the trade surplus. Unlike the U.S. they back that up their currency with creating value. AND their market is large enough that they are a market on their own – if they lift their people out of poverty.

    Rattigan seems to have a bias against China, not that I like the dictatorship, but they have been incredibly smart to use the greed of the Western oligarchs to propell their country forward. And they think LONGTERM and the interests of the oligarchs do not override what they perceive to be good for China. Long term.
    And unlike in the U.S. the country and the longterm development comes BEFORE the intersts of the oligarchs.
    The crisis of 2009 could have been solved (see Iceland in a smaller context) IF Obama had wanted to. And his actions would have put a lot of pressure on the EU as well – their voters pay attention. and they do vote, up to 85 % in important elections.

  7. Rattigan uses the word "financial markets" in the U.S. Finance is a lot of things but not a "market" (free or otherwise). The Big Casino,the Big Grift comes to mind.

  8. If we're to believe CNBC and the rest of the dipsh*ttery in the business media, Evergrande poses a systemic threat to the entire global economy. Can someone explain to a farmer in Iowa, a nurse in Wisconsin, or a construction worker in Michigan why a real estate company on the other side of the world could obliterate their retirement savings and economic livelihood. How the eff did we get here??? When the stock market crashed in 1987, no one gave a flying f*ck. Now that we have privatized, financialized, and securitized almost every aspect of our economy, every time the stock market moves, Americans worry about the security of their retirement. It's completely ridiculous.

  9. China now how has the same economic system as Nazi Germany = a big business and big government alliance and centrally planned. And like with Nazi Germany it allows it to hide the weaknesses and put on a show of being much more powerful than the reality.

  10. It's a have to bring that manufacturing back = the globalism system is in its early stages of breaking down. If we don't bring the manufacturing we face boundless shortages and record inflation. The fact is even if the government does nothing – those realities will compel businesses to decouple with China. But we should be having a crash program to bring back jobs and manufacturing. Instead, zero leadership from the White House and Congress. They are confused and don't understand the nature of our problems.

  11. It would be far better to let inflation run and cause businesses to come back the USA than to "cure it" by increasing interest rates and forcing the economy into a deep recession.

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