E95: Winter is Coming, Europe’s energy crisis, Kim Kardashian’s new PE firm & more

0:00 Bestie intros: Luxury brand influencers, Birthday Party stories and more!
3:34 Jason reflects on the final Kara Swisher-hosted Code Conference, All-In media and hit piece requests
12:53 Passing of Queen Elizabeth II
15:39 Winter is Coming: Europe’s energy crisis, potential fracturing of the Western Alliance, how we got here, endgame, and more
53:03 Kim Kardashian’s new PE firm, content as the dominant distribution channel, what will mega-influencers do to legacy brands
1:03:46 Overprescribing of amphetamines to children

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  1. I would like JCal much more in a non-moderator/MC role. Please have someone else play "host" for a time. JCal has much more of value to say when it's a segment rather than an off-the-cuff take.

    The interruptions have been getting worse these past few episodes, that's why I feel the need to comment

  2. Great content, especially with the Ukraine conflict. However, it's funny how all of this was know the day that Putin invaded but Western media just suppressed any voices from sounding alarms back in February. Keep it up!!!

  3. love the show. but pls consider not cutting each others conversations off. Let us us hear the full argument even if there's some repetition. Allow the words to sink in.

  4. Maybe they should just add a fifth wheel to be the spare tire moderator that doesn't really answer questions, just facilitates conversation and clarifications.

  5. Putin/Russia were funding European green energy groups back then. They purposely funded them to give themselves leverage over europe, despite green energy not being in their interest as oil exports are their main economic driver. Europeans fell right into the trap.

  6. A pretty important correction is that Europe never had 40% of it's energy come from russian gas. Natural gas makes up 24% of the EU's energy and of that at most 50% was coming from Russia. Also the narrative that Greta Thunberg caused the EU to move away from nuclear and towards gas is wrong and honestly kinda stupid. Europe is definitely fucked, but that point can easily be made without making stuff up.

  7. This pod is getting a little too pro Russia and it seams like there are loads of relevant points in the energy crisis that aren't being mentioned. The biggest one is probably that due to the pipeline network Russia can't sell the gas anywhere else. Sachs is implying that the politicians are morons for thinking that Russia would prefer selling it over just burning it. Also Putin is being portrayed as a strategic mastermind when he is responsible for thousands of deaths in a war, and making his own people permanently poorer.

  8. Putin checkmated the West, neoliberals and the leftists who MASSIVELY underestimated his competence. JCal still referring to Putin as a "madman" when clearly he's not mad, but incredibly calculated, is just more evidence that JCal and those on his side who were gun ho to engage this conflict are in denial.

  9. Friedberg is a Doomer. I remember an earlier episode where he was in hysterics over grain prices; his worry far surpassed what came to be.

    It’s important to keep that episode in mind with his points; he misses the human element (the irrational) in discussions. I have no doubt he would have advised Chamberlain to continue appeasements…

    It’s easier to surrender and accept Doom for Friedberg. I believe he is a Weak and rich man. A smart man. But Weak

  10. Would be pretty cool if you guys do a live episode every once in a while and bring on a guest to chat for a couple of hours kinda like how Joe Rogan used to do it live on Youtube. The subscribers might jump up by a couple of million tho since doing it live that like that is a different kind of experience for everyone.

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