EA Loses Over $300M On Battlefield 5 – GET WOKE GO BROKE

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  1. Also let's not forget that BF5 was the game no one actually wanted . Even without the wamen and Patrick Soderlund etc etc, it still would have flopped. The fans were all expecting Bad Company 3. BFV could have been the best WW2 game ever made and it still wouldn't have had much of an impact.

    Dice need to go away for a year or gwot and come back with Bad Company 3 or a Battlefield 3-esque Battlefield 6. BFBC2 and BF3 worked because the maps and game design were modest enough to keep the experience balanced and above all, fun!

  2. Sucks I like this game a lot . On a side note I still haven’t got my chick with a peg leg and cybernetic tit.

    EA is in recovery they sent me 2 free months of EA Access

  3. Unfortunately ea and many others wont learn from this. The entertainment industry is plagued by this wokeness crap . The only way for this leftist garbage goes away is when there is a massive revolution by the people and starts saying no instead of pretending everything is ok

  4. Well,they were told and warned what most likely would happen and they didn't listen,so regardless of who all they want to blame for it the fault only belongs to EA.
    Jeremy,even you know as well as a lot of us know that since the beginning of home video games we all felt screwed and conned out of buying some games that turned out to be too stupid and crappy and we end up being stuck with it and out of the money you paid for it.
    Now with internet and all other sources out there we can check up on upcoming games and find out about it before we decide to buy it.
    Its not so easy for gaming studios to fool everyone now about buying these games.

  5. "Se despertado, se quebrado" In spanish. Really means like they has fairly weak bones, in both languages.

    Stating that "bones" are their "idea" that how and what gamers want to play.

  6. EA sales meeting; "Anyone have any good ideas for marketing our new game"
    "Oh I know lets make it more PC friendly by adding a black guy with a Samurai sword and a woman with a hook for a hand!"
    "But weren't there hardly any black soldiers in WWII let alone women. Where does he get a Samurai sword? Shouldn't we stick to historical accuracy, sir?"
    "Ya but it'll appeal to our audience."
    "But 97% of our audience are Males aged 13-35. I think they would care more about our game being historically accurate."
    "Ya but they'll like it because we tell them what to like. If they don't like it we'll tell them they don't have to buy it."
    "Sir I don't think that's a great idea."
    "I don't care what the fans think so what makes you think I care about what you think?"

    Meanwhile, Headlines:
    "Battlefield 5's Poor Sales Numbers Have Become a Disaster For Electronic Arts"