Each individual connects to a collective ideal rather than social bonds with each other (M. Desmet)

Bret Speaks with Mattias Desmet on the subject of mass formation, a topic Mattias has spent a great deal of time exploring and has written a recent book on (The Psychology of Totalitarianism), linked below. They tackle this process from their differing backgrounds of expertise and discuss what it suggests about our path into the future.
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  1. The real objects of anxiety are those perpetrating the "object of anxiety" fraud. We just need to turn them from objects of anxiety into targets of criminal prosecution.

  2. You’re almost there. You articulate very clearly the psychological elements but fail to consider the spiritual. We are more than just synapses firing or misfiring. An abandonment of God is also a requirement for man and his wisdom to propose the narrative solution as well as be susceptible to it without God’s protection. The devil is devouring many and if you think this is ridiculous, then you’re only speed bumps to the destruction that awaits us all for trying to do what is right in the eyes of man rather than God.

  3. An excellent clip. Some great insights. How the hell are we going to avoid the inevitable conclusion?
    It's as though we are in a hundred year cycle. Not looking forward to the 2030's.

  4. Voluntariness our participation by consent in our Society, to be informed, to be made aware of, to have choices, these were tools of our social contracts. To be not coerced or forced to not have our voluntariness interfered, they used threat, coercion, they labelled and demeaned, we were cut loose from the social contract, the dirty unvaccinated. Randomly our communities rejected and scorned us, ridiculed us, stigmatised us, they seperated us…..

  5. People who work for others are much more likely to feel they have a BS job. IMO, it's a lack of agency, of ownership. Ownership is supposed to be a hallmark of American liberty.

    You'll notice that in all the scifi dystopias, the unhappy masses work for megacorporations, and are treated like cogs in a machine (ie, no agency, no ownership).

  6. Seems to me that the existance of a mass formation psychosis on one end of an idea almost inevitably leads to an opposing mass formation (likely not rooted in psychosis, but still a mass formation with all its inherent pathologies). Warfare, even if not kinetic, becomes nearly inevitable under such circumstances. Reminds me of the growing woke political polarization I observe occurring in the US. Woke on one side, red pilled on the other.

    The pertinent question is how to short-circuit the mass formations before conflict?

  7. Oddly, young Marx realised this in the socalled 'Manuscripts' – see passages on trade and alineation of maker from receiver in exchange – the 'objewct' is drained of social meaning

  8. Manipulation has always been a human trait (a part of the script of the play).
    As a spectator or audience: One can never be in a position strong enough to actually stop the play.
    We can openly discuss how this may come about, yet all attempts have failed, & we are forced to accept we're faced with an impossible task. Like waking the dead.

  9. My brother Bret,
    beware of what you speak for spoken words are manifestation tools. You say something with enough vibrant energy 0r, often enough or intense enough and like magic you have that experience right there and then.
    Humans are much, much more powerful than they are told ( most, you are all dumdown from many angles and most don't even have a clue. And yes, if you all knew this truth they will no longer be able to control and hoodwink us/you. …"___un-vax"
    Keep on pushing and, sooner than later the true intention of their Wuhan/covid virus will be reveal and understood by the masses.
    All my best wishes to you, your guess and Heather/family and your awaken audience.
    PROVERBS: 18; 21
    “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”
    PS. Speak nothing unless your personal filter is on especially when first person singular I or
    I am leads.
    Texas Love

  10. This channel is a contrarian voice and I like it generally as such – except when it is dogmatically contrarian. I can't help but feel sometimes Bret because of his harsh treatment while a prof at his former uni is often too myopic when taking on the Left, as if the Left were a monolithic force for both idiocy and authoritarianism. I am no fan of the current woke crowd, but the Trumpsters on the Right scare me more.

  11. What he said. But plug religion into the cause spot. Don't agree? Well, we've had "religion" for a long, long time. Churches are everywhere, lots of "anxious" (most of us are, understandably, traumatized to some degree; many significantly). Sof what's up? Isn't religion supposed to be the thing that brings us together? Then why hasn't that happened? And just the opposite has happened. Oh, it's not relgion's fault, lol. Ya' mean that thing that's in all of our hearts and minds (most since childhood), including all of our leaders (most corrupt). That thing that has never really been separate from state ("in god we trust"…). I'm so confused, how could that NOT HAVE BROUGHT US TOGETHER? Still not enough church? Oh, okay. If "mass formation psychosis" is a thing, religion is the pioneer of it. Alrighty then, tell me how it's different. People cramp up when anyone speaks of it in a derogatory way (like this), and feel the need to protect their sky god from such a person. How is it that sky god cannot protect HIMself? Religion is madness, absolute madness. Again, there's the real root of it all. Of ALL of our ills. IF we were taught as children to trust ourselves, to value and respect ourselves, there would be no such thing as that MF psychosis. But religion teaches (brainwashes) the opposite–that we have no value whatsoever (without HIM). I know it's challenging having lived-n-breathed this sh*t for years and years, but try to get this (our lives/planet depends on it). It really isn't that difficult to connect the dots.

  12. Thanks Bret from fans in stalag New Zealand – watch all of the vids made by you and Heather. Given hermit kingdom NZ is one of the most compliment vaccinated countries in the world, your vids helps me make sense of the dopey majority down under NZ.

  13. I visited a potential long term care facility to transfer a relative to. I saw a couple of rooms called "guads" with 4 beds with patients. The rooms were large enough for each bed and patient to have their own corner space and a bit of privacy but instead, the beds were smack in the middle of the room. Two beds were beside each other and facing the other two beds, foot board to foot board. No individual space, no TV, no telephone. Those patients looked terrifield. After the tour, I was asked if my relative had been vaccinated. She is 98-has had and survived Covid at age 98 and has not wanted to be vaccinated-so no vaccinations or boosters. I was told that if my relative refused to be fully vaccinated or until she was fully vaccinated, she would be assigned to perpetual isolation in a quad room. I don't know if putting the 4 beds crammed into the middle of the room was to prevent feeling isolated or what they were thinking but the quad rooms were for the unvaccinated and the patients looked haunted and terrified. No way was my relative going to that facility. This facility is in Florida and I was shocked by the rigidity of their policy and the treatment of those who, for whatever reason, had not been and were not vaccinated.

  14. the over riding strategy is to make you suspicious of each other – its a NWO thousand points of light strategy. that way the people do the bidding for the authorities. Example is that lady who called the cops on the black kid having a lemonade stand. Its part of the corporate strategy…when military men came back into the workforce bringing army hierarchy into the workplace. Punch down on those weaker and different.

  15. I believe we've been programmed for years. Birth. To keep us divided, lonely, sick for whatever their reasons were or are. If the world of humanity came together and quit hating on each other, there would be Nobody and Nothing that could take advantage of us.

  16. Brilliant guest! It's kind of a hard idea to differentiate; people actually connecting with each other vs. people connecting to a group ideal; but Mattias Desmet did it well. He is basically describing the "Lord of the Flies" effect from the famous novel but on a massive scale. This is the kind of phenomenon that leads to color revolutions and the communist dictatorships that follow. I would add that this phenomenon normally occurs at the behest of a dictator who wants to consolidate power. We saw this with Lenin in the Bolshevik Revolution and Mao in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The fundamental argument of our time is whether the current cultural revolution happening in the west is "organic" or "dictated". I tend to believe it's mostly dictated by supposed "elites"; who want to bring forth a one world communist government using climate change alarmism as the cultural cudgel. Sometimes a conspiracy theory is an actual criminal conspiracy.

  17. Real clarity. I particularly like your point that we experience meaning by having a positive effect on others. And seeing that we made a difference. We don't have to save the world to find meaning.

  18. The Great Narrative. Wondering about a conversation regarding this book. It has been a hard read for me, wondering how other people see the ideas put forth. Seems it is a guide for taking advantage of the things you spoke about here.

  19. What an amazingly clear & striking breakdown of a tool with which we can come to better understand and make sense of so many of the bizarre and unprecedented events in the world over the last several years, and see how they are actually so intimately connected!

    Thank you!

  20. Yes, existence has an affect on others. Try to be positive, despite your feelings of fear and anxiety. That's why our whole society is anxious at the moment. We are all connected. Turn your anxiety into determination.

  21. It doesn’t help to dump your kids in daycare from earlier than 6 months and up. Just to continue with authority figures telling you what to do before and after school- up to college & university. The nanny state.

  22. Mass formation…. Imagine when plug a totally virtual Metaverse. And robots in health care…. A joke, some clapping called it evolution…. Human beings on this logic… Means what?… Nothing? That's the final proposition?

  23. For us that realised life has no meaning are probably aware of all the bullshit already. Anybody that has a problem with life having no meaning is the problem.

  24. You are gradually getting red pilled. Hopefully you will go all the way and hate the left. Hate abortion. Hate government control. And the finally embrace Jesus so that you can then love the leftists but still hate their leftist ideas.

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