Early Treatments & Antibodies – JRE #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD.

Dr. Robert Malone, MD, JRE #1757 published December 31st, 2021.
FULL JRE Podcast below:

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  1. Remember when CNN/MSNBC said hydroxychloroquine was bleach and that Trump was telling people to drink bleach. Stop listening to the mainstream talking heads.

  2. I got covid back on feb 20. Early days and was ill for two weeks. Got over it by having herbals like, rosemary, thyme, Sage, cur-cumin shots and liquorice root tea. Worked a treat

  3. I am glad to hear this. Interesting when you google his name google has thrown in their own 2 cents stating that he has been criticized for promoting misinformation. I can see if he was convicted of something than would be factual but if it’s hear say ,isn’t that defamation? I have looked up other ppl to see if it’s common but it’s a little inconclusive. Jeffery Epstein obviously convicted pedophile , Joe Biden and it doesn’t mention anything negative like how low his approval ratings are. I’m just wondering if it’s common practice for Google to do that 🤷‍♂️

  4. Joe look forward to you having an opposing view on your podcast. Id love for a MD with equivalent background to come with their studies and stats. I know you love your conspiracy theorists but lots of things this guy said are wrong. Get an opposing view on

  5. hey joe…why do all your right wing fans get so butthurt when they see a comment they dont like??? the right wing maga tears never stop! you guys are so sensitive, your feeling hurt so easy….theres money behind this doctor for his misinformation….

  6. Holy Fuck. I have listened to countless interview and presentations by ALL of the key players in the efforts to expose the truth on this criminal nightmare. I hope Dr Robert Malone has an EP team watching him 24/7. The ghouls behind this massive global crime will stop at nothing to keep this bullshit going. 42min in. QUOTE: “What we are experiencing is coordinated media WARFARE , the level of which we have NEVER see before. I and my peers who are experienced in multiple outbreaks have never seen this level of coordinated PROPAGANDA.”

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