Earthmoving contractor collapses owing millions #ConstructionApocalypse

#construction #recession #heisesays
The construction apocalypse continues.


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  1. Dw the Australian government and its Crony capitalist system will bail it out.
    Also there is no such thing as a recession we are the lucky country… Bahaha

  2. The Great reset has shafted or soon will shaft ignorant people who have followed the ever mounting corrupt system for the last 22 years. You reap what you sow. You have had your head in the sand for all these years, played the game at work(see no evil here no evil) for the sake of your shity fake career. Your behavior has been the microcosm of the macrocosm of government politicians and bankers Enjoy your economic depression that could have been avoided if you did not fall for all the fake propaganda by politicians and financial political spin propaganda. The team on the weekend and the Kardashians and my kitchen rules was to important for you. On the individual level you accused any alternative view as conspiracy theory.
    Good luck the cycle is coming to the end and trillions of dollars will be lost. Money printing if chosen again will only postpone your stupidity by believing in the corporate driven political electoral system.

  3. So they loaned cash to "related entities" who failed to repay the money. Did they wind up those debtors? …"would have assisted in discharging liabilities". It is Preferential Payments that others would have access to, if it had not loaned to related entities. Trading while insolvent.

  4. Gawd ,its like a compounding avalanche ,i knew a bloke who worked at Loyds Ships years ago ,all the workers were owed money, and there was a continuing Court Case, i doubt they ever got anything back ,of course those at the top, Skase and Co etc, ever smiling, got away with the loot ………………''eeeeee he he, we've got the Perfect Racket here ,we will get away with millions and be Set '' eff the workers !!!!!!

  5. The Great Reset just keeps chuggin away don't it !!!

    Good thing the masses are easily distracted by Ukraine & Monkeypox absurdities !!

  6. That’s only a small problem last night USA 🇺🇸 inflation hit 8.6 % market dropped like a rock RBA will have no choice put to follow USA with aggressive rate rises Dow down over 800 again this will get ugly 😮😮😳😳🫢🫢😱😱⬆️⬆️✍️✍️

  7. I keep seeing reports that renewables are now the cheapest source of energy, recently overtaking coal. Though, maybe not for Australia.
    Anyway, maybe I am reading propaganda or lies, I am no expert myself.

  8. He owes millions after syphoning All the funds from the business knowing that there won't be much work over the next few years ..and also the construction industry is the first one to get hit hard in a recession.

  9. The latest prediction I can give you in regards to oil prices is that it will get to $250 a barrel sometime next year. The implications of this is obvious with a doubling of prices and getting a tradie to even appear will be prohibitive for most, cheers!

  10. Nobody wants hard times, no-one wants sacrifice, everybody wants government assistance but there is a far bigger price to pay for all this.

  11. Yes I’ve had probably 4 days off since Xmas and after 40 years in the biz and aware of the cycles what’s coming is 4 days a month…lol.a rat can only store a certain amount of grain.I am a fan of tariffs as it gives the gov an income and in turn they want less from me .

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