East Bloc Biden Will Fail to Rise to the Challenge of Russia Threatening Ukraine

Do you really have faith in east-bloc biden?:

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  1. If Russia actually advances on Ukraine and the US gets involved even in a small way, China will likely take their shot at Taiwan. The 'Quad' will be only 3/4 strong as Australia will fail to support the Quad directly. India will be in a two front conflict as it will send troops by land through the mountains into China but Russia will send troops towards India at least as a distraction. I believe Japan will hold up their part but they are not very strong but they may be able to support Taiwan long enough to get a sizeable US force into the area with ground troops. But this all depends on the Biden administration actually being competent enough to react according to long worked out military plans instead of going in on the fly as with Afghanistan. We lack leadership in the US now.

  2. I remember a small clip where it shows Biden meeting Putin through a video call, immediately Biden is unable to say anything because of technical difficulties but says “hello!” Putin just slyly looks at the camera with a smirk looking like he’s thinking “this is too easy”

  3. Imagine being a leftist useful idiot in 2021…

    Recent findings:

    Beijing Potato Joe… full of shit (quite literally) and of your tax dollars, rerouted by Hunter The Artist.

    Kamala Harris… full of staff exodus, but running on empty (*) in polls.

    Andy Cuomo… full of shit, hypocrite, perv.

    Chris Cuomo… full of shit and helped by stalinist informants.

    Don Lemon… just full of shit as usual.

    Jussie Smollett… ONLY 83% full of shit.

    Nancy Pelosi… full of shit and of new real estate… in Florida.

    Fauci… full of shit and of murdered puppies, Pol Pot style.

    … and the list goes on.

    Happy Frugal Christmas 2021 (if I dare say).

    (*) must be too busy saving the planet, or something.

  4. It looks like Putin will receive a sternly worded letter coauthored by the State Department and the EU in the spring and not much else. If NATO really wants to tell him off the Germans can add a tariff to the Nordstream 2 gas and invest a tiny fraction of the proceeds into a supply truck for the Bundeswehr and a fuel truck for the Luftwaffe.

  5. Joe Biden shouldn’t be attacked politically for not being hawkish enough on Russia. Trump fell this trap by trying to counter-signal against RussiaGate BS. The NeoCons, the Military Industrial complex and the deep state are the true enemies.

  6. They simply test US limits neither Russia or China would ever want war with the US, if US and Nato forces make a stand they will back down. No one is stupid enough to use nukes and in any conventional engagement Russia would be embarrassed. They would never fire on US or NATO forces.

  7. 4:20 Not to mention ties to the communist party directly. As you recall as listed in that bastion of journalistic excellence the New York Times, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz were aboard Air Force II, with comrade Joe in the Obama administration, to deal with the Chinese communist party directly. Nothing to see here folks move along. Ivanka Trump jay walked walked on 57th Street in New York, on her way to 6th ave to o see the Fox holiday tree(YouTube sensors? Send in the swat teams. Hunter had a teenage girl in a Hollywood hotel, weighed his crack on a scale, wrote emails indicating that he was giving 10% to his father, and not to his spiritual Father on a Sunday morning? Nothing to see here folks. Restore the rule of law, enforce it, restore life and liberty, make America great again!

  8. I don't think Styx realises the poor state of the Polish military right now. On paper it looks strong, so does Ukraine for that matter, but they have an awful lot of issues with old Soviet era equipment and not much money to replace them with expensive western kit. And both struggle to get the spare parts needed to keep old equipment at least running. They are kind of at that crossroads of old ageing equipment and the need to replace, but little money with which to do it. I saw a video recently on YT, where the author reckoned Belarus would win if they ever went to war with Poland.

  9. The Ukraine is currently the main route for energy into the Europe. now that Biden has allowed the pipeline to bypass it Putin no longer has to care if it the infrastructure in Ukraine is destroyed, he still has a way to sell his product. Germany is currently blocking the operation of Nordstream 2. how long do you think they will stay firm when their people are freezing in January? Nordstream 2 being operation means billions in profits going directly to Russia. How do you think they will spend that money? Once Putin has sole control over energy entering Europe how long do you think it will remain friendly to US trade?

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