ECB Is On the Cusp of Full-Scale Money Printing – Thorsten Polleit, Chief Economist at Degussa AG.

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Video Chapters:

00:00 Introduction
02:58 EU economic situation moving from one crisis to another
04:26 Will more fiscal stimulus solve the energy crisis?
05:11 The nature of the energy crisis
09:21 Probability of hyperinflation
15:30 Will the Bundesbank and the German public turn on the ECB?
20:18 CBDCs, cryptos, and a free market in money.
24:21 Gold and silver as a portfolio diversifier
31:12 Conclusion

I recently spoke to Thorsten Polleit who is the chief economist at Degussa Goldhandel AG in Germany.

Thorsten was formerly the chief economist for Barclays Bank Germany and he is also a proponent of the Austrian School of Economics.

Degussa Market Report:

Thorsten’s YouTube channel: @Thorsten Polleit

Thorsten on Twitter:


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  1. Mario – thank you so much for your hard work. Thorsten
    raises questions about government versus private control of the central banks. If fiat money is controlled by private owners of central banks then money is essentially an oligopoly. That is not a free market. As Thorsten says CBDC is even less of a free market than fiat reserve currency.

  2. "Inflation is not possible without government".

    Disagree, as long as any bank has the power to loan/create money into existence, inflation will always exist. Bankers are responsible for inflation whether they be in government or in a private institution.

  3. Another interesting educational video that should be shown in schools , obviously they wouldn’t want school kids to know the truth about the real economy and people who really run it

  4. There is a Rand report floating around pointing out that Germany has been targeted by the US as the economic power of the EU. An EU that is, a competitor of the US. A German economy built on cheap Russian gas so, goad Russia into war with Ukraine, tell the collective West to apply crippling sanctions on Russia that will eventually destroy the EU economies. This is all within this Rand report of a couple of years ago. A local ally to this activity, in Germany, would be the Greens who take their movement with a religious piety, homegrown fanatics like ISIS and Alcada, all allies to the US!

  5. Nothing wrong with Crypto. Crypto got destroyed when the finance/bank industry created ETFs and derivitives of Crypto coins. Derivatives drive the markets now (of everything) not the base product.

  6. Very smart guy. BUT as many Austrians do they have sympathy for crypto because it's non-governmental Fiat. Your enemy's enemy is your friend thinking. Crypto is also stupid fiat and everyone involved with Crypto just want to get rivh without doing anything.

  7. Thank you Mario for getting Thorston on your channel to keep us up-to-date with the European economy. It was very interesting. And thank you Thorston for giving us your precious time. Great content, as always x

  8. It's not accurate to say the Russian invasion hasn't been a cause of high inflation, it has greatly exacerbated the inflation problem that was there from the money printing

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