Economic Chickens And Housing Risks Are Coming Home To Roost…

We look at the latest economic news which underscores the fall in growth, the rising expectation for inflation, and APRA’s concerns about risks in the housing markets as rates rise.

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Written by Walk The World


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  1. Martin shows your data was 10 steps ahead of Philip Lowe who is looking at a few bumps in the road ahead failing to see the ripple effect of the domino collapse from the oncoming tsunami in the rear view mirror.

  2. Cant wait for more rate rises, there are a lot of companies and households with cupboards full of cockroaches and it about time that these cockroaches are set free.

  3. Council is a service industry and so is Canberra which has exploded in growth and so has your rates.if you sacked local state and federal employees unemployment rate would be 80 a farce.

  4. Some of you topic headers are getting amusing, but only matching the ‘ongoing’ economy… I say ongoing but that’s the key word – FOR HOW LONG ???
    Is it due for a change of currency ?? Is crypto going to take over ??
    Why are banks trialing CBDC and how will it affect us ???
    It’s a big secret at the moment but I can see it in my tea leaves hahaha 🤣

  5. What's going to put the banks at risk of collapse? A weaker AUD. What's going to keep the AUD from going significantly lower? Higher interest rates. Who is the RBA going to choose to protect – banks or households?

  6. Where have we heard this before? In Ireland when prices stalked out in 06 and started to fall in 07 there were calls for 10/15% declines soft landing all the same arguments. And a lot of that hang over is still there .people who originally had a €350000 loan now owe €500000 due to deferred payment ect . Most bad debts sold to distressed asset management firms. Here we are going to see the sequel and as Peter schiff says the sequel is always worse .

  7. Awesome Show, Martin….Why Didn't The RBA put Interest Rates up much earlier, like in January and then at smaller increments, unlike now?…They Also Put the Cash Rate Up, just when we have a New Govt….No Warning from APRA to The Previous Liberal Govt, Shows a Terrible Political Bias and even incompetence, eh Martin….What a Mess!!!..Prayers 4 all.🙏

  8. Fascinating. What else can Chalmers do except look like the man who accidentally run over your dog?

    They not ‘singing your tune’, you discovered theirs. It is a private party Mr. North, the public are never invited to the party where they discuss the Real Economy. Never, ever. What we get is “I feel for you”, “I understand your pain” Chalmers. He’s developing into a respectable Treasury psychopath with todays performance.

    Your doing it again, pretending that our Masters are Morons. They not, they just hiding Reality from you and looking like fools as they do it to anyone who has any common sense. In Lordly tones Macfarlane will tell you your place, but you just won’t listen. We don’t matter, The System will be protected with our lives, our livelihoods and those of our children.

    Mr. North, they know what they say looks like nonsense to those with Common Sense. But they know common sense is not common. So, they got caught with a FOI request to APRA, but they know amongst the swirling anxiety of the moment, it will be soon forgotten.

    Ask yourself, why do all Treasury and RBA ‘forecasts’ end with a smile? Now it’s 2023-24 that we can focus on. Would we buy a massage that doesn’t have a happy ending? Chalmers is our masseuse and we are just another client. He’s never going to tell us the Real Truth.

    The greatest tragedy of the 21st century is that it allowed a culture of governance to become normalised that rests upon systematically lying to and manipulating the people who gave them power. We are all to blame for empowering these people.

  9. Straya is in the rear view mirror of other countries. Largely due to data moving at glacial speed. The government will be in flurry to wind back all these stupid liberal policies but the climate bs will fry us all.

  10. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay by spending like the rich yet not imvesting like the rich

  11. I < must say that you are the most erudite and smart analyst in the crypto space. First of all, you're just awesome! Crypto will out grow everything and will become $ 10T ( Actually, experts are saying $ 200 Trillion or more) market in 2 -5 years. Imagine entire crypto market value ( All crypto companies and all of us together) today is worth less than one company, Apple (Only one corporate company) this will change soon. Crypto is worth much more. Decentralization is the key. We are in right direction. You don't take two steps backward after taking one huge step forward. <Most new tradrs struggle at first to make sense of the markets and how to put their portfolio in a position to flourish. <Many try to start on their own and quickly end up with a string of losses, slowly seeing their accounts dwindle to what it started off as. Everyone is looking at bitcoin price action from a 2021 bull run perspective. <Everything has changed…we are in a recession, facing stagflation, rising rates, energy shortages driving food and living costs through the roof breaking the backs of consumers. <There are different strategy to profit from the crypto market but holding and waiting for a major pump is not the best way to earn profits off market, smart investors trad and take short term profits, I've made over 13' btc retail tradiing, not on my own but with the help of a professional who have reputable background and understanding of the market Jacob Carlson, I came across him in trading view where he share his charts. You can reach out to Mr Thomas on <ͲeIєɠɾαm his personal handle is @ JacobCarlson10 or What'sapp✙18324132374…

  12. There will be roast chicken alright with APRA as the slaughterhouse for all the mom’s and pop’s they send to financial ruin because of their incompetent unregulated bureaucracy at B*** S*** Castle. A castle of which you to protest in front of a mob of angry pigs would be sent out to trample all over you and the truth. Damn the torpedoes!!!!!

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