Economic Update End June 2022

This is my edit of a recent show I recorded for Nuggets News on the latest economic outlook, based on a series of data points I selected.

We discussed many of the critical issues facing us at the moment, from QE to markets, and from housing to credit.

Whilst I am aware that a few viewers seem concerned I chose to renew my collab with Alex Saunders, my understanding is there are no outstanding issues, as he has discussed on his channel and by the way, I am not endorsing his business arrangements.

But at the current time, I felt the economic points we touched on were so important.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. Is it time for your viewers to crack open the heads of their neighbours and feast on the goo inside?

    yes it is kent

    nugget is cringe. Better to stick with John Adams.

  2. Rampant inflation in the cost of housing was a boom for property investors for the last two decades. Astute and savvy investors today are now hoarding petrol and canned food to be auctioned later at much higher prices. Every crisis brings new opportunities–it's not like housing, energy and food are essential items needed to sustain life! Apparently, it's possible (according to Klaus Schwab) to own nothing and be happy!!!!

  3. No parents with kids sleep in tents, units or townhouses. All these 75+ living in the corner of their mansions should be encouraged sometimes gently pushed to move out leaving it for families. If war erupts in coming years who is going to save you!?!? Please be kind.

  4. Could there be a link between falling birth rates and the introduction of experimental mNRA COVID-19 vaccines? Are people in Australia lining up for their fourth dose?

  5. Once the Dutch government has got rid of all our farmers we will have lots of space to build attractive apartment blocks to freely house millions of Ukrainian refugees. The Netherlands will become one big city (which apparently is very good for the environment) and all of our food will be imported from The Ukraine (which apparently is also better for the environment than growing food locally).

    Good thing our Dutch farmers are protesting in large numbers and the public is waking up to the fact that Mark Rutte and his friends in parliament do not give a crap about us or the environment.

  6. People have argued strongly recently that increased interest rates wont cause mass panic selling because people prioritise their mortgage above other spending.
    If however, there are 1 million vacant homes as you say, why would these homes not be put to auction quickly to get ahead of price falls?
    Wouldn't a good portion of those 1 million be enough to severly crash the market?

  7. Does it matter what millennials think when they have never faced challengers or hardship. Lets see what they think in the next 5 years.

  8. I live in beachside Town of 1500 and I know half of the houses are private holiday homes that are also holiday let when owner not in residence. I'm affected by the rental crisis directly as my adult children and grandchildren all live on my property because there is nothing available. I'm lucky and blessed to be able to do this but in saying all above I do not believe a penalty for not wishing to tenant your property is right. That's private investment and not a public service. Our government should be building housing and should have started a long time ago.

  9. Nugget is the worst type of financial advisor – an enthusiastic amateur with a messianic complex – he wants to be important even if he has to make data up – your status is diminished Martin by including him in your program

  10. So lack of Guvver ment fore site, Consúmér Ignórãncê, Bank GRÉÉD
    untt R.B.Â. Inêptitudé
    Com-Binéd to Makéth Thý "Perféct Stórm"

  11. There's a Multié story, MEGGER BUCK 💲💲💵💵💵 building going upp in the céntér ov Adélâidé by "Chârtér Hãll"
    Apparently No – Óné hás told thêmn abboút thê Lâbôr Mârkétt

  12. You think the risk of overshooting is going to restrain the Mandarins? Obviously you do. Bizarre. ‘Long and variable lags’ is a recognised truth in the minds of our monetary masters and almost guarantees overshooting. Stomp, stomp, stomp Mr. North. At least you acknowledge our subordination to US capital markets. You don’t sweet talk the Celestial Empire, you submit. 25 million people, roughly the population of Shanghai, digging up the wealth of an entire continent. Despite ourselves we doomed to an asinine affluence. First, the British, after Singapore sobered us, Uncle Sam. Australians know how to kneel and sell its jewels to secure its ‘sovereignty’. Millennials, let them feel the discipline of a capitalism they embraced and celebrate. Stomp, stomp, stomp.

    Wouldn’t you expect a Labor government to embrace a vacant property tax in the midst of a rental crisis? Perhaps its just a performative social democracy they’re building.

    Waiting for your crazy neurons to fire, so far your sounding quite sensible…

    See you in September.

  13. Why on Earth would you get this scammer on to talk? Only stole millions of dollars from his supporters. Absolutely shame people are forgiving him so quickly, those who suffered at his hands would be fuming!

  14. Why does no one see Russia sharpening its teeth in Ukraine and China playing weak that has fuelled inflation in all western crony capitalists countries as a dual frontal attack in the vein of “the art of war”?

    Limit their supply, cause havoc with their dodgy money printing and the eventual bad political and institutional decisions which were all a stage show anyway for the past 20 years.

    The whole idea that our biggest manufacturer could be part of capitalism at the very same time as controlling their exchange rate on a free floated market, flies ridicule in the face of the father of floated exchange…mr Milton. And all the while they played this game, all central bankers took credit for the low inflation environment.

    Sheer ridiculousness to levels that can only be supported by the theory of complete illusion and delusion.

    Not control, but incompetence and never wanting to face the truth…the harshest truth of all our mortality…the human brain develops more and more in acquiring knowledge yet it still cannot control its own ego

  15. Hang on Nugget, you say that Bitcoin crashing doesn’t mean it’s not an inflation hedge, because gold has only gone up 2%? What a BS argument. Gold being up a small amount when Bitcoin has crashed shows that Bitcoin is nothing like gold. Gold has done remarkably well considering the rising rates, it should really be down to $1400 or so but it’s not because those people selling it due to higher yields are being offset by an increasing number that understand the long term trajectory of real rates which is going down. Also, check the gold price against other currencies .. you know we do live in Australia so it’s not all about the USD gold price

  16. Mr Market would solve the issue if he where not corrupted at the root by artificially low interest rates. People always make the mistake of blaming the free market for distortion introduced by government, then they ALWAYS offer more government as the solution! Fix the money supply and the market will clear properly and people will not be able to sit on not returning assets waiting for capital gain. As for gold… it has never been a straight inflation hedge, if you believe that you have the analytical ability of a gold fish! It would be more accurate to say it is a stagflation hedge, you also need a loss of confidence in government which tends to be coincident. Gold is getting close to running.

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