Economic War on Russia & Shortages in the West | Max Blumenthal

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Sanctions kick back – who would have thought it possible – ah – everyone that is not from the USA. They’ve been getting away with this sanction and boycott crap since before WW 11 when the WJC put a boycott on Germany goods.

  3. It is a losing poker game for US and NATO trying to bluff Russia. They are now facing calamity at home with citizens are suffering for high food prices, sky rocketing fuel prices heading to winter and increase jobless citizens. Those with jobs must now pay for more taxes to fund for the weapons sent to Ukraine. They are fooling themselves and waging lifeline of ordinary folks hitting Russia with sanctions knowing very well Russia will retaliate with invasion of Ukraine. US has been planning this for decade.

  4. “The Biden administration is SANCTIONING its own people and is now trying to evade their OWN SANCTIONS..”
    Anybody need proof???

    “RUSSIAN OIL Tanker”
    “unloading in United States”
    { Original Video RE-upload}
    #Russia #Sanctions #WTF
    A [Malta] flagged, [Swiss] owned Oil tanker with [Russian] oil and gas byproducts refined in [Turkey] went to [Italy] now in Louisiana hoping to dock at Valero Terminals [Netherlands]terminals north of New Orleans.
    Russian Sanctions ignored. Entirely By the WesternMediaAlliance-Presses.
    #Ukraine #NATO

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    "A special film for europe poroshenko kills The People at The Donbass",
    "Search Find Tell", "West vs East in Ukraine", "Donbass i'm aline", "A truth seeker – Burnt alive in Odessa".

  6. I think it’s all part of the plan. Notice how the outcomes of these sanctions are really the outcomes that the WEF want? Fertiliser shortages will cause issues for farmer and perhaps lead to more farmers going broke. This will force people to become more reliant on GMO based foods. Food shortages will eventually also lead to the same outcome. You will see more of our organic foods being slowly replaced with GMO alternatives.

    Secondly – High fuel prices. Force more people to give up driving their vehicles and coerce them into driving EV’s

    Thirdly – Inflation. Send people broke, force them to sell their possessions and eventually own nothing. Make them reliant on the government.

    This is what it’s all about IMO. All set up

  7. Great point Richard. This is the West feeling the first nip of the sanctions wringer we so blithely authorize our leaders to impose upon the rest of the world. God forgive my ignorance; I never even thought about what a slow motion boomerang effect could feel like. The first real analysis I heard about the consequences of sanctions came through Medicines Sans Frontuers as reported on Tony Brown's Journal on PBS in 1996 as applied to Iraq. I remember being sickened to learn that the Oil-ForFood administrators Halliday and von Sponeck had resigned in protest over what they called a genocide at tge hands of a US-dominated UN sanctions regime and how pencils were not allowed in Iraq because they might be regarded as having a "dual purpose". Well well well…isn't this a cosmic kick in the ass.

  8. But people they are not realizing, that knew the consequences of their actions, this was planed all along to destroy the country’s by using Russia as the cause of it all

  9. Biden & thugs are deliberately sabotaging our country and military. Obama considers America the number one problem in the world and vowed to "transform" America. He has accomplished just that in his 3rd term.

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