Economist Warns Of Pending CRASH, Things Are Going To Get BAD

Drew Hernandez
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Jorge Ventura

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  1. I didn’t dislike this video based on content (I love the show), I disliked it because there was too many people trying to rant at once and the camera kept jumping around too rapidly

  2. Bravo Luke we have done just that in Mexico it’s worked for 25 years so far, we were never out of toilet paper, and have no shortage of baby formula all the labels , besides if it got that bad we can make paper from plants

  3. When all you can do is laugh at the sinking ship USA with all the lifeboats gone with the "elites" and all you have is a debt rock to help you along in your journey.

  4. The only reason that they are doing this to the world's economy if to crash the system of monetary policies and go to a digital currency. Here in the US it's called CBDC (CenteralBank Digital Currency) to control the people at a micro level!!!

  5. I think Biden was off with his statement about preparing for a "dark winter" last year; surely he must be talking about this winter. It's going to be the darkest one in our lives, for most of us, probably.

  6. Hey Tim …. The show you did about a county refusing to verify an election was wayyyy off !!!
    You said it was because they were afraid of civil war … That was wrong .
    They did not verify because there are serious questions about the machines used .. NOT because republicans are going to riot… like you said …. So irresponsible and unprofessional of you dude .

  7. Meanwhile all the competent economists I keep on my feed are saying nothing is going to crash and how much worse that fact is.
    I don't know if Tim Pool is just so dim that he brings in these idiots thinking they know what they're talking about or if Tim Pool is so manipulative that he brings in these idiots thinking you think they know what they're talking about.

  8. ……90 billions!
    Image if we use the money wisely for potential future solutions we wouldn’t even have deal this lowest [___] set up❗️

    Hopefully we been blessed smarter capable of worrying about something else more than 🦴as higher human being.

  9. The bureaucrats are buying into all this left wing monetary policy. Left=Socialism=Bankruptcy
    I said F electric cars. I upped my life insurance and and got my motorcycle license. 😄
    If everyone buys motorcycles and gas scooters instead of electric cars all the leftists will loose a ton of money.

  10. Kramer designated Netflix as a buy in January 2022 when it was actually a great time to sell. If you always do the opposite of what Kramer recommends you will be fine.

  11. Tim is constantly and gleefully pushing doom and gloom, but Tim where is anyone going to get the money to pay for your subscriptions if things collapse? You and every other YouTuber, IG’er, Twitcher rely on US and our money

  12. If you need a can of beans you can rent it and when your done with the can of beans the rental company will donate it to a feed the world charity and deduct from their taxes.

  13. 10:45 They worship Diet Hitler!??
    FDR killed thousands of American Citizens in Concentration Camps!
    After Pearl Harbor, he rounded up ALL Asian Americans! And those that couldn't prove they weren't Japanese, were thrown in camps! Or shot!
    Thousands died from this!! Thousands!!

  14. Fortunately I raised in a poor rural family with a lot of siblings, still fishing and hunting, still growing my own food. Still eating squirrels, rabbits, deer and elk , raccoons, possums, frogs ,turtles and rattlesnakes. And when it all crashes suddenly I am at the top of the Economic food chain . Try eating a dollar bill or your bitcoin . Gold bars make a good door stop . Bullets will be more valuable than silver diamonds and gold . Just saying .

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