ECONOMISTS DEBATE: What’s REALLY Causing Inflation?

Associate professor of economics at Bard College, Pavlina Tcherneva, and economist at The Heritage Foundation, E.J. Antoni, debate the causes of inflation.

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  1. The horror! The bodies! The devastation and destruction is truly heartbreaking!
    "We have an administration who declared WAR on reliable domestic energy!" – E.J. Antoni : Right wing propagandist representing the interests of multi-billion dollar profiteering monopolists who receive US subsidies who then extract US energy reserves and sell it on the global market.

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Pavlova’s dog is an adherent of the voodoo economics of the 21st century – Modern Economic Theory. Woof, woof 🐩

  3. I think it would be very wise of you were you to find out who has made significant investments in the 2 or 3 major air conditioning manufacturers in the last 4 weeks. That info is available and the investments are usually made before the public announcement.

    I find it brainless and insulting that a Democrat president should come up with an idea that could help people when they get a distribution system organized – probably by November, but no matter how they do it, not one should go to Texas. then, to not include a word about climate change activity. I guess this winter they'll pass out overcoats.

  4. Get Lyn Alden on to discuss this issue. She is one of the best Macro economic analysts in the world right now. You need an investor to explain Macro economics, not some university educated person who only understands Macro from an abstract perspective.

  5. For some reason the guy from the Heritage Foundation failed to mention that the oil industry is paying 28% less for a barrel of oil than the all time high, yet charging is charging us 17% more at the pump.
    Calling him disingenuous would be too kind.

  6. The dude is just an apparatchik. He comes out with statements that the administration is 'at war' with US energy…
    No buddy, that is hyperbole. I continue to find The Hill lacking in basic journalism. This is Trump 101. Congratulations.

  7. JESUS CHRIST! Stop asking professors, who never did anything in the real world about Economics. Recessions and Depressions are market corrections for over leveraged Economies.

    Seriously, what is this love of Academia theology?

  8. Poor discussion by both parties. Neither of them addressed corporate profits skyrocketing. Also while both blamed energy production, neither mentioned our refining capabilities being maxed out, which prevents us from being able to increase supply

  9. We all know inflation is caused by the oppression of marginalized groups, so you can skip all the economic mumbo jumbo. The answer is obviously more representation. It's not hard to understand.

  10. This Pavlina is way way off. We printed trillions – we printed more money in 18 months than what was printed on the last 15 years. That doesn’t cause inflation???

  11. ah yes…. I am also a graduate of Bard College of Solitude.
    I spent some of the best years of my life traveling to new cities
    to hone my craft and sharpen my trade.
    I really use to be just like her. Until one crazy day when I took an arrow to the knee.

  12. It's regrettable that both economists here tried to spin the facts to support their political preferences and to attack their political opponents, instead of simply addressing the economic reality of our situation.

    The fact is that during covid (under Trump), we dramatically increased the supply of money, while at the same time mandating a severe decline in the amount of goods produced by shutdowns. (Including oil refining.) That's basically it- that's why we are seeing high inflation. More dollars and fewer goods. The partisan bickering does nothing but obscure that simple truth, which is something people really should be aware of.

  13. The tariffs are good for rebuilding the US’ production capacity for necessary goods like oil, steel, everything we need to fight a war with our military fully embargo’d and continue to grow/replace it as well as our domestic economy. We need jobs for every american of average intellect or lower or they’re unemployable in this nation and are a net drag on the economy.

  14. The fastest way to stop or reverse inflation would be to round up all the dollars made since 2019 and burn them irl, taking them out of the money supply and making every dollar worth like $5, simple.

  15. Let's trust the same people that have been telling us for decades that deficits don't matter as we ran up a 170 trillion dollar extended liability debt.
    How dumb do you have to be? 🤡🤡🤡

  16. 1.6 Trillion pumped out to US households by Biden well after the covid threat was over and when supply chains were broken so a huge amount of cash in the hands of people while there was only a limited supply of products was what ignited inflation. Inflation was way above normal prior to Ukraine/Russia war.
    Oh God, she said Trump, when you can't defend your position, you say Trump even if he's gone for 2 years!

  17. During Trump's tenure, the US economy contracted 3.5% – the fastest rate since 1946. Trump is the worst jobs president in recorded history. The Dow had the largest single-day stock market drops in the history of Dow Jones. Household income decreased 2.9%. Poverty increased 1%. It was the first increase in the official poverty rate after five consecutive years of declines. Income inequality reached its highest level in 50 years. The national debt under Trump increased 39%. The annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third highest of any president in history. On Dec. 27th 2020, Trump signed into law the $900 billion coronavirus stimulus and government spending bill. This lead to demand exceeding the supply of goods causing a backlog at major US ports and the highest rate of annual inflation since 1990.

  18. "The Private sector stop spending, producing and employing." They didn't just stop on their own volition they were forced too by Governments all around the world.

  19. It's not a complicated issue unless your trained and payed to look the wrong way; if you print trillions of dollars in months, prices will skyrocket. Being debt based fiat currencies all fall into this trap and enter hyper-inflation. Now it's the dollar's turn.

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