Ecuador’s gov’t buckles under indigenous strike pressure

In part 3 of our documentary series on the indigenous-led rebellion against the neoliberal policies of Ecuador’s billionaire president, Guillermo Lasso, we examine the government’s agreement with the protesters and the tactics that overcame Quito’s harsh repression.

Video by Oscar Leon

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  1. The activists are going to struggle forever until they learn basic monetary principles. They'll only get more economic havoc until they stop their dollarization. You cannot issue the currency of the Imperialist whose thumb you are under. If you want full employment with price stability you have to issue your own sovereign currency.

  2. As Steven emailed us 6/15/22: For one, Chevron had my passport confiscated and the court is now refusing to return it. IN EFFECT, JAILED AGAIN!

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    They Can End This War The Very Same Way They STOPPED H1TLER In WW2 SIMPLY Roll Into BERLIN/E.U HQ & Hand Them The GAS-B¡LL🔥 📃👌👤

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