Eddie Bravo on Elon Musk’s Dismissal of Overpopulation

Taken from JRE #1867 w/Eddie Bravo:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. Yes Joe but when you liberals keep saying these things like cow farts and burps it kills your credibility, when you liberals say things like I'm for free speech and yet you're the people of cancel culture that goes against the very essence of free peach 🤨

  2. Both y'all are right and wrong on this one..
    Eddie.. Joe's point is what I'm over here saying while you speak..
    It's not about shoulder to shoulder, it's about food, resources, the amount of garbage each person creates, etc..
    And Joe.. If you wanna continue this "greenhouse talk" at some point you are going to have to concede that greenhouse = closed system, this means the globe THEORY you subscribe to can't work.
    Even Bill Nye once famously said "we live in a closed system, there is nowhere to go", meaning we (mankind) have never left Earth.

  3. Here's the thing a lot of 3rd world countries have the food and etc to take care of the people. However powers such as America, Europe, China, and Russia force the countries to give up their resources that can take care of their people. In order to do business and build alliances.

  4. Go look up Netherlands on the map! Supersmal,..they are the second largest meat exporter in Europe, and the second largest crop exporter in the World! ,…they are the size of Maryland!

  5. The entire population of the United States can fit in the city of Jacksonville the entire population of the United States can fit in Texas all with an acre of land we're not overpopulated

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