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  1. #PUSHBACK. We must start using cash again for all our purchases. Go to your post office and pay your bills with cash. It's time to slow down folks, all these convenient quick ways to use banking apps and pay by phone things we are using not only shows we don't want cash, but they are track n tracing what you purchase and if they can do that, what else are these computer mobile phones capable of. They call them smart phones, but have you noticed how smart they really are for the user? I believe they're dumb for the user but smart for the "controllers" of this global nonsense. Just my opinion. 🙏💚

  2. I'm not complying with this crap… What are people in domestic abuse cases supposed to do when they need cash in case they need to flee to save themselves and/or their children? 👏 Yeah Real Clever Aust Gov…. Nothing but a bunch of morons

  3. Unfortunately. If humanity was ever going to push back at those who oppress and exploit us, we would have already done so. We do on small scales, but not on the large. We as a species are far to compliant and apathetic when it comes to defending ourselves against tyranny on a macro scale. Especially against the top tier of human society. Whilst I personally believe that it should happen, speaking from a humanist moral stand point, and is long over due. I just done believe that it ever will.

  4. I bet their not betting on the outnumbered , out gunned, out trucked, out everything and following violence that will ensue on every entity with invested interests in this dictator ship…
    These frauds under estimate the people watching them and the global army for good its building.

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