Edward Snowden Fully Vindicated In Court Ruling

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  1. I still think the framing of "well it worked" should never have been acknowledged in the first please regardless of whether it did or not. It's unconstitutional. Full stop.

  2. I know its outdated but I would love to see kyle cover the 2009 National Academy of Science's report on forensics. The inferred amount of falsely imprisoned people is likely far more than we expect.

  3. Not pardoned.. all charges should be dropped. Pardoned infers that he was guilty of some crime. How much longer can the Americans believe they live in a democracy. Let alone the "greatest exceptional democracy" the world has ever known.

  4. So here's a question Kyle, the ACLU cares if the government does this spying program. Yet when companies like google/facebook and other big tech companies do it, im not hearing the same uproar? Shouldnt they be held to the same standard as the government?

  5. Maybe one day you trump haters will get why we vote for him. Dude I don't care for trump. I think he's funny sometimes. I HATE the evil establishment that has dirtied and soiled our flag. Our country. Our kids futures. They hate trump so much because he is not one of them. That is why I support him. I refuse to support the murderous establishment. So go ahead and vote Biden. Try and pretend that trump is also killing people so it's ok. (You really think trump is pushing the button on that drone missile?) You really think he has complete control of the military? It's a separate entity. When Trump's involved at all he's trying to get troops home and yes, the missle strike on Syria that killed no one was him, never said he was perfect or even good. But he is not the establishment. And if I can in any way strip them of power I will. How about you?

  6. what are we doing here? we know they're corrupt and will continue to be corrupt but we sit around talking about it like maybe one day someone will come to save us from all this bs. The truth is, nothing will happen until the ruling call fucks up and everyone suffers the consequence and we start this stupid fucking society game all over again.

  7. Luv U Kyle but, F? coward Edward Snowden. He’s a poster boy for white privilege AND took that privilege to profit and stab America in the back. He then FLED Justice. If he thought he was right, why flee to trump’s buddy in Moscow for protection?
    Snowden revealed the incompetence + illegality of the data collection program, but it doesn’t negate HIS actions.

  8. The tough part is that:

    These companies that own the primary potential source of “spying,” etc. are just that. They’re companies that can sell the data that they collect for profit. Ads and reviews are profitable. Everything is profitable off of a consumer so long as it provides a company with even more information on each and every individual which it can sell to the government. Everyone is specifically filed and tracked constantly, even wittingly via google. You can see everything they track. It’s so inevitable to release your information that people can’t even make the distinction vs free choice of release of information. These services are integral to everyday life, and that’s the outrage. This new world of data to be collected is insane. I, myself, could be flagged for this comment because of this opinion. Idk man I’m drunk and this is how I feel

  9. One needs to remind the self that Pres. Trump is not the ultimate source of intelligence. He was given a rats nest of corrupt agencies and tactfully is cleaning it up. Trillions of tax dollars went to covert agencies and they sold their Intel to major Intel customers. Cleaning up one of the largest corporations on the planet will not only take time it will not be flawless. Once the swamp is clean then it will become more and more constitutional. Get it?

  10. Remember there American BAR Association is an illegal monopoly that was never elected to be the only legal organization allowed to practice law. So they are there people that says Snowden's defense of doing it for the good of the citizens can't be used. Hence why when the citizens of the private sector opinion differ from what the American BAR Association says. It's still a rigged game that the public sector stacks the cards in their favor, meanwhile all those citizens of the public sector did was choose a different career than you or I did.

  11. @6:00 new flash for Kyle, your system does NOT work by "due process". It works by power & big money influence, always has, any appearance of due process is usually accidental (happens to align with power interests) and these days we just add to that mix neocon chaos psychology so… odds are very good Agent Orange will pardon Snowden …. why? Because Obama wanted to prosecute Snowden and it'd be wildly popular with his base to pardon Snowden, even though most Trumpistas could not pick Snowden out of a line-up of blacks & women + Edward, let alone be able to explain what Snowden did. Is there any more logical reason Trump has for doing anything? (Few reasons judging by his record, I'd argue.)