Edward Snowden: Governments Are Using Coronavirus to Build ‘the Architecture of Oppression’ (2020)

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The Dive with Jackson Hinkle is a populist-left perspective on news & politics which airs daily. On today’s episode, Jackson breaks down VICE co-founder Shane Smith’s new interview with famed whistleblower Edward Snowden on the coronavirus crisis. Jackson answers the question of whether or not the power we’re handing to global leaders will come back and bite us in the ass. (Spoiler alert: It will)

Original Vice News Content:
Vice News, Shelter in Place with Shane Smith & Edward Snowden (Full Episode),, Youtube, April, 10 2020,

Title: Edward Snowden: Governments Are Using Coronavirus to Build ‘the Architecture of Oppression’
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  1. That tracking system is not uses less and the 30 ft radius is missleading. If you know anything about position triangulation you can figure out exactly where some one is just by collecting data from 1 passerby.

    Example subject has phone with bt on no data.
    They are sitting on a bench.
    Jogger passes by they have data on and bt on.
    The network ill call skynet now has gps of the jogger from firs point of bt connection to last point of gps position bta and btb.
    They have signal strength so now you can tell how close the jogger is to the target. And they have the device identifying info like target user chipset and maybe bt mac address or something unique just from the constant bt broadcast. Now you can search the database for all other locations this target has been near because mose people have phones and a high percentage have no headphone jac…
    (About 65% of smartphones are iphone 16% samsung).
    Now to expand skynet even farther i can pay attention to every bt device the jogger passes and log all the data with gps i can create circles around every bt device they pass and log data anytime another person comes in range of that device now i know if the object moves and where it is down to the inch. This gets even more accurate when you use wifi networks touched my your device as well as hotspots and other things like smart devices most of them require you to enable gps to use them even though wifi does not need gps.

  2. There are anti staking laws! Also this is a highly illegal exposed legislative crime against humanity lie right here, pTS"disordered"= lie FOILED terrorist plot.
    Its mlm pts injured by terrorists cured by justice

  3. The world is going to implode and the sun is going to swallow us in fiery death eventually. Why watch dumb shit like this and get worked up about the inevitable that you have no control over? Go out and eat a pie and when the robot AI overlords come, throw up your middle finger and embrace your end.

    You can either obsess over the end of the world and watch YouTube conspiracy videos all day, or you can sit outside and enjoy the sun on your face. Dunno who needs to hear this but somebody does, I know I did.

  4. Orban's extraordinary measures were temporary to deal with the pandemic. They have been repealed now. He has changed the media, unfortunately, to government propaganda, for the most part. There are a few newspapers and internet outlets that are independent.