Edward Snowden: How Your Cell Phone Spies on You

Taken from JRE #1368 w/Edward Snowden:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. I understand his good intentions,, But there No Way to get around the fact that he committed an act of Crime, by releasing sensitive information that resulted in a Breach of National Security– And put Countless lives in Jeopardy. "Loose Lips Sink Ships" .

  2. Mr.snowden I 100% agree now I think u said the answer ur self . So the fact that ur Unique identifier is based on. Like the router and imie and s I’d have to say that I shifted to new phone with a brand new router with a different Mac adress . And of course a burner phone . I’d find it very difficult for a data collection company to actually have any viable data that .

  3. Captain America: Winter Soldier – Jason Bourne…all about the system learning an algorithm for everyone to instantly recognize an instant threat to their one world government.

  4. Does the phone listen?
    Because there’s so many times i would
    Be having a conversation with someone then I open my phone and there’s an add about a subject I was just talking about

  5. He was on a power trip. That's why he released thousands of documents that had nothing to do with the surveillance. He also has never explained how he expected the gov. to find and track terrorists without metadata. Every prominent Rep and Dem has condemned him.

  6. Easy solution, stop buying cellphones, stop using credit cards and computers
    Also, isn't Snowden the person Trump wants to get executed, if it was up to Trump he would end up like Epstein.

  7. When this dude referred to phones as mobile in the beginning I knew he was pretty good at what he did.
    Yeah I was right. This dude is pretty good at what he does. But it is very hard to be without devices nowadays

  8. I feel for the most part it takes a village to raise a child, we need accountability to each other so mass murdering as an example can be caught the quickest. Most importantly we need accountability to the individual in a world of info/knowledge is money. Everything is a double edged sword why because the capacity for greater good or pure evil like dictatorship/ totalitarian rule and where abouts constantly knowing where you are, news flash I'm not that important. The technology is here for globalism platform the bible talks about from Daniel to Revelations, now nonbelievers are hypnotised by this position in power, believers see the horror in complete knowing of your location constantly. My issue is this technology and singularity to human linking to clouds having a unlimited knowledge is a dangerous/ superuncontrolable outcomes adding a complexity of issues to reality. And in the end you'll want to be human again but lost all reality and the five senses. I feel sorry for Elon musk not because of fear of unknown but the known outcome. Bill gates is into transhumanism where if you arnt making him money to fuel his depopulation agenda bye bye human your just a number who emits to much carbon footprint but he deserves to live, sad realy no peace or assurance of after life, but it's just the beginning of sorrows.

  9. I tested this by traveling around jacking off in secluded areas. Guess what. Now I'm the methhead #1 pornhub guest and always have a personal government drone stalking me. ?

  10. Most people with a three digit I.Q. already knows all of this . Or so I thought . Turns out that most Americans know very little about technology. I finished my Electronic Engineering degree in 1992 . One protection we do have is the massive number of devices that are constantly communicating. That will not last long though . Soon computers will be monitoring with enough speed to keep up .

  11. Snowden should have charges dropped and be able to go back home to his family in the US. What he told the world about us being spied on was totally illegal by the government, set him free.