Edward Snowden on Julian Assange: “If we are going to free the world, we have to free Assange.”

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This video was originally produced by the Don’t Extradite Assange campaign on October 27, 2020. We have republished it today to raise awareness of this case in Germany and around the world. Support & subscribe the Don’t Extradite Assange campaign at:

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Written by acTVism Munich


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  1. What a pathetic economy this mainstream media mud … Always spinning around 3 or 4 or 5 white characters .. yes male … And the rest of the world .. zero clue and zero knowlege … Then these idiots go begging vía patreon ande pay Pal ⚰️💩👒💩

  2. I hope Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and their families and your supporters are not required COVID mandates tests, jabs and mandates!!!

    Free entire world from NWO Globalists Tyranny NOW!!!
    The price of our Freedoms is eternal vigilance! Duty is ours!
    Stand Up USA, England, EU, AUS, Canada. All the daily now World Wide Rallies for our Freedoms, with massive people in the streets all over the world saying We Do Not Comply with NWO COVID mandates, please now urgently include demands for Freedom for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden!!!

    World Wide Rallies for Freedom
    started in Europe April 2020 and has been growing more and more frequent so occurring daily spontaneously and you are all my family. We are truly the largest peace movement ever in human history. Our Revolution will not be televised.. but with like all the rallies in AUS why not add bold message
    Support Freedom for Assange, who is native citizen hero for the very same freedoms and rights AUS citizens are fighting for?! Please everyday people for peace, people and planet globally, our support for Julian and Edward must merge with our peace movement! Put our bold support of these hero’s in core of our citizens platforms and proclamations NOW!!!

    Please young and old people please connect our movement global to rise up include Julian and Edward! We need a website and form our global platforms United in the light with truth, love and healing for all our divine God given Civil Liberties… 🙏🌹💙🔥😇🌟✌️

  3. We gotta have safe place to comment. I just left articulate global comments… they are immediately deleted by YT.. never showed up!

    Please Snowden use another safe secure site for this!

  4. hi from far BraSil. #freeAssange #freePalestine #unblockcuba. They are killing Assange drop by drop, the world knows who the real criminals are. The journalistic class, in general, has been omissive and cowardly. The US and its NATO allies continue to commit crimes in the name of freedom and democracy. LULA and Correa , victims of lawfare, spoke out in defense of Assange. LULA-2022

  5. Mr Snowman, your eyes have a dark silent pain….AUSSIE ,., hey mate how are you going, your not alone , your human , be strong enough to trust another…silent brain cage. CHEERS MATEY

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