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About The Jimmy Dore Show:
#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

Written by The Jimmy Dore Show

THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Putin should fly to Congress and call these scumbags out, for talking trash about him and his Country! John Kerry is a Complete disgrace to our Family tree! What a disgrace to our Country! A career criminal Kerry is and people like Kerry are the reason why we need term limits in Congress and the Senate. Great job Mr. Dore

  2. So Snowden disclosed security information and brought harm by doing so……so pillaging will stop? Guess that’s not been going on for since the beginning of society.

  3. Time to wake up and quit giving our power away. Self governance couldnt turn out any worse than this. Do you really think these idiots we pay to spy on us, poison our air and food, decide rules we have to live by, and what is right for our health and bodies and children are any smarter than you? They fight with each other to keep us fighting each other. And we go along with what they say. Why? Because they said so? What are we kindergarten kids? At least kids ask why??? Time to step up and be a grown up. Think for yourself and say WHY?don't assume 'they KNOW' more or care about our well being. They dont!! Would you trust Trump or Biden to calculate your paycheck, teach your kids, drive your car or even take a selfie on your phone?? How about everyone else telling us what is safe medically- 5g is ok? vaccines ok? Is there proof? unbiased actual tests done by people with no financial interests? We spend more time researching our pet groomers or football stats than we do the people who make laws and regulations we have to live by. Prince charming isn't coming. We better save ourselves. Before we can't.

  4. “I don’t take a position on the 2020 race.”

    (Of COURSE NOT—the man would be a FOOL to further anger Biden….Because Biden has a long history of “getting even”)….

  5. My biggest issue with Trump is his view on Assange and Snowden. But when Biden is the alternative, it's Trump all day. Biden is the worst of all worlds.

  6. Still nothing about the Biden crime family huh? The child prons on Hunter's lap top? Crickets from the "progressives" in the room. Just remember Orange man bad!!! Reeeee. The same people here saying Trump should help Assange are the same people that would be saying look hes a dictator abusing his power.

  7. Jimmy, you were right about Russiagate and about a lot of other things. And technically, yes, what you're saying in this video is true. October 26th 2020 isn't a good time to emphasize this. Frankly there are many, many true things you can emphasize, from a place of principle and conviction, that wouldn't have the same terrible real world impacts that you have when you're basically doing the work of the Trump Campaign. If you made this video on November 4th I wouldn't have a problem…

  8. We have place in Europe to welcome Snowden. We also have cages for Trump and Biden, both cages have their name in gold. Snowden will be welcome, Trump and BIden will be in their cage. Forever.

  9. Whats hilarious is how many people actually loyally supported a myth. DNC was simply a letterhead used by a corrupt cartel of lobbyists and inside trader politicians. There never was a Democratic Party, but people easily deceived, created the appearances of a massive movement. Why did working poor rabidly support, Wall Street, War Profiteers, Fascists, criminally corrupt politicians?

  10. lets talk about hunter biden….Edward Snowden is a US hero….we see the criminals exposed and they lie even more…brian williams is a fool, an absolute fool

  11. I'm a conservative and have so many things in common with Jimmy and how he views the world and the problems I precieve….. And only a few things I disagree with. I dont know how we have let politicians and the media divide us to the point that we can't even talk anymore.

    Keep up the good work Jimmy.

  12. Please Jimmy Dore fans vote for Biden and Harris please I'm begging you to Trump second term is a nightmare for Americans please don't vote for third party and don't vote for Trump vote for Biden

  13. Biden = Establishment
    Trump = Anti-establishment

    The actual left should be rejoicing in Trump. He has allowed for a similarly left wing renegade. Of course, that person has to have the balls of Trump and not sell out, and people thought Bernie was going to do it. But he's shown himself to be a "Meg" (Family Guy) – Values suddenly disappear when they sniff any semblance of real power, and grovel for it even when the democratic establishment pisses on him. Look a bit harder. Jimmy Dore?