Ego Mad Journalists Simply Can’t Handle This

Thanks to AVP for the footage.

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  1. As the Global Veteran's Alliance would say. Lest We Forget the Damage they have done to our Society and our Boarders. These MPs are not fit to govern let alone point fingers at people who refuse a vaccine. They still need to answer for the 25000 deaths they created in Care Homes. By allowing Hospitals to move Covid Positive patients into ill prepared Care Homes. Then sack care workers. The Media played a massive part in creating all this fear. We need to address there power to influence

  2. This can't be the protests that the MSM have been commenting on. I couldn't see Jackboots or Swastikas anywhere.
    The Australian MSM tried to make protestors look stupid by saying, "despite Covid restrictions easing, protests still took place". Who are they kidding? Some state boarders are still closed. We have Vax passports and mandatory face mask wearing. Do those things not count as restrictions?

  3. Well done to everyone, our parents and grandparents fought for this so doing this is the right thing to do without bloodshed, but did you notice no – one was wearing a mask, nuff said, now let’s get on with living and make this country free and sovereign once again and get the GREAT back but a whole lot better.

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