Eight Million In Poverty: FAILURE Of The Political Class!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. As MalcolmX proclaimed a half century ago. There is no more vile creature in America than White Neoliberals. Though I'd argue Toms like Obama & Sellouts like the FraudSquad & Sanders are worse!

  2. Pelosi clearly has no clue. I'd love to see her have to spend a few months in our position and see how long she holds up before she has a huge meltdown. Bet it wouldn't take that long.

  3. There is billions still sitting there Jimmy that they are holding it hostage till after the election. The virus is just excuse to play politics. Americans need to quit blaming everyone for everything that goes wrong in your life. 4 years of lies and your still blaming Trump while Democrats have stole billions off other countries when Obama was in office. Stop the whining and do some facts checking.

  4. Its about 2.5%. You can't find a nation on Earth where there aren't at least 2.5% poor people. How many of them are the type who refuse to work? 10%? 20? 30?

  5. now imagine how all those people in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq feel after your broke citizens went over there and destroyed everything for the very same liars who own you all..

  6. Nancy Peolsi is a nasty & dangerous person.. People like her should not be handed the reigns of power so easily in the future if we're to survive as a Nation..

  7. How many of the people who are in poverty are foreign born? We’ve over supplied the workforce which keeps wages suppressed and ensures the poor stay poor including recent immigrants.
    How many of those poor people would be employed in a good factory job if we didn’t sell out to China?
    Dumping millions of 2nd and 3rd world people in the US and then discouraging integration doesn’t make them middle class and doesn’t allow the US statistics to reflect that of a 1st country.

  8. Joe Biden is a crook!!! His son took millions of dollars in bribes!!! HIs emails prove this!!! There is nothing the "liberal media" (what Orwell called the "Ministry of Truth") can do about it!!!

  9. Somehow our local Chico, CA city counsel (far left, vice mayor backed by Progressive Party) passed a statute that we are now only allowed to elect 1 representative from our newly drawn district lines, and that person will vote for all the registered voters for our district… We never had an opportunity to vote on this and we never had an option to stop it, as they held private city counsel meetings for the past several months. (closed to the public)

    Is this even legal? I feel for the people fleeing California. I don't even get to vote on my Mayor or Vice Mayor because they are not in my district… How is this possible?