EJ is 18. He told me he has been homeless for 11 years.

“On the streets, you don’t wish for things. You just wait for them to happen. Because you cannot control really anything”, EJ responded trying to think of a second and third wish.

EJ is homeless in Hollywood. He is 18, and when he told me he has been homeless for 11 years, I could not even comprehend to do the math. (I’m a drummer and drummers can’t count past 4 anyway)

I cannot even imagine being on the streets at such a young age. I once interviewed a kid in Wichita homeless at 5 years old I know how horrible my first day homeless was as an adult, so my heart breaks thinking about what these kids must have done through. But to them, the streets were better than the abuse they were going through.

We will never end homelessness until we can fix families!


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  1. I met you once on the bus about 6 years ago in Mesa Arizona, you had a skateboard and you worked for some bread factory and had this long ass loaf of bread hanging around your neck. I gave you my number if ever needed anything, you reminded me of my son. Maybe you might remember me I am a white woman at the time I was around 48, we struck up a conversation on the bus, I felt so bad for you. If it is you, go to the army.

  2. Keep clean then you will get into the army. But from the looks of it you’re on something so gotta stay away from that shit and the shit people who you hang around with! If you’re about it and want to go to the army “to have somewhere to sleep” cause he only said he wants that to have somewhere to sleep and get off the streets, do it or you would have by now??‍♂️ I don’t believe he’s been on the streets since 7 (not saying he had a hard life cause nobody knows his real true story)…but you’re talking to someone who is on drugs..he just needs help!

  3. I'm 18 too and after watching this I feel like I'm taking the resources I have for granted and the amount of hope he has regardless of his situation makes me want to alter my lifestyle for good ?

  4. Alot of people don't realize some of these foster homes are bad, ik that cause I ran away from my at 16. Smh oh yeah and DCFS doesn't even pay attention to the kids unless you're breaking the law or in the hospital, honestly to them you're just a pay check

  5. I have a question? I was homeless myself and I was wondering all the homeless people interviewed on here is there a fund that can be given to help these people? My heart goes out to them and I wonder if there is a place that takes funds that helps these people? Please let me know! I would definitely love to help when I can! My heart goes out to them I was only homeless over 4 years I can't imagine being homeless longer than that and it's sad to watch the interviews of these people really having to struggle like they are that's why I want to help when I can!