Elected Officials Left SPEECHLESS When Asked One Simple Question

Matt Walsh gets grilled by the Tennessee House Committee. Their attempts to corner him don’t go so well.


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  1. These are all criminals, get over. They alk criminals who settled there to destroy every aspect of living, and they are doing that for two reasons, money proposed and self protection proposed.

  2. Wow one REAL question stumped some of the "supposedly" most intelligent people there. No wonder the USA has become one giant circus been laughed at by most of the rest of the world. No surprise that other countries are running rings around your politicians. But this is what happens when those in charge continually Lie and Bshit and get supported by the MSM.

  3. He should had say: My background is the same of all the Hollywood actors and politicians that were promoting propaganda of the bat soup, the difference is that I'm not getting funded by the government to promote anything.

  4. The lefties don't want to answer because they themselves aren't educated enough and don't want to be cornered like they tried with Matt's past statements taken out of context. A piece of paper that says you have a PhD, is just that, a piece of paper. I have had friends who had to sue so called Doctors (who had those pretty pieces of paper, diplomas, on their wall) for malpractice. Just because they have a PhD doesn't make them qualified if they don't have common sense or a brain.

  5. Really?!! Educated-progress driven people unable to answer the question.
    At least use these scenarios – would I have meaningfully consented when I was 16?
    Would/will my child have meaningful consent at 16?

  6. What rightful human thinks its a good idea to castrate a child or mess with their hormones.
    If you are obsessed with the sex of a child, then you are at the very least a clorset pedophile.

    I never once sit at home and worry that children need to change their sex. Mainly because I am not obsessed with the sex of children.

    The world is run by pedophiles

  7. I am speechless that this is the committee that is supposed to oversee the fbi and they can’t answer that simple question it’s easy. No teenager is capable of making a decision like that and it is beyond astonishing that anyone would even say they can, they have no real life experience and know absolutely nothing of what they really want no one does at that age

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